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  1. I found from experience that the way the guy wires are anchored to the ground is just as important as everything else. I used 2' screw anchors my first year. It worked well in the wind but not in wind and rain. Once the ground was saturated from the rain the wind took care of the rest. It is not fun trying to untangle and repair a fallen mega tree. My solution was to use the same anchors but imbed them in concrete. It has worked since then and allows me to sleep a little better at night. It is definitely worth the extra effort and little cost for peace of mind.
  2. So my idea of using an extendable pole and funnel didn't help. It was one of those ideas that seem good until you put it into practice. I ended up and just walked the lights around the tree from the ground. I was able to keep the spacing pretty consistent. I used a pole and hook to do the final adjustments. My only challenge was determining the spacing so I didn't end up with too much or little space with the last strings. Although the spiral was time consuming I think the end result will be worth it.
  3. I like your idea Stoff. I've been thinking about the best way and I had an idea that I will try. I'm thinking I will take an extendable pole(painters pole) that extends 14'. I will attach a funnel to the end of the pole. I will cut a larger opening on the funnel so the lights will flow through it. I then could feed the lights through the funnel pole and reach all the way to the top while standing on the ground. This will allow me to accurately place the lights without having to leave the ground. I will have to have all the spiral lights attached to the top first and pull them out of the way until I'm ready for the next strand. Since the pole is extendable and can retract it when the spiral strings get closer to the ground. Has anyone else tried something like this?
  4. I may have been to ambitious in the height of my spiral mega tree. It is 18' tall and is a hybrid with 2 colors running vertically and 1 spiral color. I'm trying to figure out how to wrap the spirals without killing myself. I got the vertical portion done but now im not sure how to install the spirals without renting a bucket truck. I have a winch that I can lower the lights and attach the spiral strings and then try to wrap it from the ground. This seems like it would be awkward and not very uniform. Is there a better way to do it? Should I just use a 12' ladder and move it around the tree? If anyone has any tips for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  5. One thing that doesn't do well in the attic isinflatables, expeciallywith fake snow. I had one in my attic here in Arizona and the snow melted to the plastic on the inflatable. It ended up in the trash.
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