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    Springfield, Missouri, USA
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    I am originally from Chicago. Love it there. Just a normal person. I have been married for 33 years, I have a wonderfull husband, 4 large dogs which are all big babies. I am a self motivated, outgoing person that says what she thinks. Which normally gets me in trouble. LOL.
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    garages sales, fishing, bow hunting, canning, blow-mold collecting, computers, and ballroom dancing.
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    forced to retire due to health issues
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    Blowmolds. Blowmolds and LED'S

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  1. Hey its nice to see a fellow person from springfield, mo on here how ya doing

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone and their families on Planet Christmas.
  3. Those poor people, I feel so sorry for them. The first 2 days my display was put up, I had 3-20 year old children come and vandalize my displays. The first night they just unplugged everything. They even unplugged from the adapter plugs. The second night they did it again, but also kicked a hole in my very first ever Blowmold, (which now I have 150 of them on display). It was my 3 ft snowman with the carrot nose, also ripped out a $150.00 relay that made my reindeer look like they were flying. We thought about the camera but they are inconclusive so my husband wired a very loud horn to some of the plugs, so when they unplugged it the horn would go off. It worked and we haven
  4. How are you doing with the repair on your computer? I don't want to miss the list. JIll
  5. Thanks for the motivation. I needed that. I was just thinking "do I really want to do this again" I am always in such a rush to put up Halloween than take it down and get Christmas up but after your words and then I looked on the calendar and this year Halloween is on a Saturday I know I have to get busy. There will be more little ones out this year and I can't let them down. Jill
  6. Well, getting off the car, (I only have a red wagon to trade). I want to thank you for taking charge of the card exchange this year. I participated in it last year and it was so much fun going to the mail box every day. I definitely want to be put on the full list this year. If any newbie
  7. Kev, I normally just read and don't post but I do have one question. When you are using Rust O'leum PT do you have to dilute with water for your airbrush? Thanks Jill
  8. You can count me in. I will be praying for Travis and his family also. Jill
  9. Congradulations!!!! When you are in Chicago let Carrie know, maybe she will still have her display up. Jill
  10. Jill

    Molder's hotel?

    I wanted to go soooooooooo bad but I figured out the total cost for me. With plane ticket, room, registration and food it would cost 1000.00 I'm sorry but for 500.00 more my husband and I can have an all inclusive vacation for a week in Cancun. Or go to Vages. Why does it always have to be hosted in some tourist trap town. Major citys don't cost this much and have alot better public transportation. I could spend an entire week in Chicago, 4 days for Planet Christmas and the rest visiting the finest museums around for the same price it would cost me to go to Kentucky. Oh well, I will just wait for Planet Christmas 2010 that is suppose to be held in Ca. If I put the money aside this year I will have it for next year. I always wanted to see the ocean. Jill
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope everyone received what they wished for. I am all ready starting to plan for next year. My husband Dave has decided that we too are going to add LOR to our blow mold display. We have already ordered our 1st. 32 channel package so we have the next 10 months to play with it and get it ready for Halloween and Christmas 2009. Jill
  12. Hi Chuck, We have alot of very nice forums here on Planet Christmas. Even the new one "Being Thankful". I myself am stuck on Blowmolds. How about an area dedicated to the Planet Christmas members that are no longer with us. A "Remembrance area" something for the remaining family members to let them know that we all cared. Just a thought. Jill

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