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  1. I think it's always best to order the plugs and the wire at the same time from the same vendor to be sure they work together. Without seeing what you have, I would suggest you make a short "test" cable and see if it works. I've been able to jam some pretty heavy zip line into CDI's vampire plugs using a pair of pliers to crimp the wire in the slot. And I don't think the teeth going all the way through the wire will post a hazard. (But I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.)
  2. I also have a bunch of indoor brown cords (the ones with three outlets in the molded end) that are 6' to 12' in length.
  3. I have about 50 outdoor extension cords left. They are all green (grounded). 15', 20', 25'. Might have a 50'er or two. Where are you? Edit: Probably not good for MAKING arches.
  4. I'd provide a link but LOR's site is still wiggy at the moment.
  5. And there was much rejoicing...
  6. I'm sorry nobody acknowledged this post. That was pretty funny there.
  7. That display is awesome!!! Where is my $20?
  8. I don't have any idea either so I won't bother posting and wasting bandwidth. Oh, wait...
  9. On a positive note, the ones that failed did so pretty quickly. The rest are still working this year. Keep your fingers crossed...
  10. Note: Mine are all the 100-count M5s. I do not have any net lights.
  11. The replacements are better than the originals but they also suck. The blues are the worst. They will work a while, then dim or go out entirely and then work fine when you go to replace them. I have had better luck with the red, green and warm whites but they are not 100%. The new lights (not the replacement ones) from last year are fine.
  12. I fail to see the problem. Are they blocking someone's driveway?
  13. Uh, I simply stated an opinion. I personally don't care WHAT songs you have in your display.
  14. Whatever. I guess you don't want my TSO Nutrocker sequence.
  15. If he's going to use an LOR channel then why bother adding a relay? Just plug whatever it is into the LOR box.
  16. I meant that LOR can control X-10 units for things that are static in your display.
  17. Why do people insist on using Sandstorm? I'm positive in a family-friendly way that it's horrible for Christmas. (In a less Christmassy manner I'm certain the song is lame in general.)
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