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  1. Chuck, You are correct on the Facebook deal, but....I have been on here since 2005 and learned alot and met alot of people from these forums. Granted it may not be as popular as it once was but it is still viable and in someway be retained. This was the place to go for Christmas knowledge at a time when we were all trying to figure it out. Knowing you I know that you will make the best decision for the site but hopefully the forums could be archived in some way to keep all the info that has passed through this site through the years. SPaschall
  2. Fantastic as always Frank! SPaschall
  3. Thank you for the compliments, while I would love to take credit for the snowman I can't do it. They are built by Mike Ziemkowski and he has a side business called Seasons Greeters where he sells these. You can purchase them here http://www.holidaytechnologies.com/catalog/index.php?id_category=22&controller=category They are a bit steep but they are all handmade and extremely well built. I would recommend these to anyone who plan or want to take their display to another level. It was probably the easiest thing in our display to program, once you get the vocals tapped out, the process takes about 1 1/2 hours to program a song. If you have any more questions let me know. SPaschall
  4. Great song and nice sequencing! SPaschall
  5. Thanks for the compliments, No the snowman stays outside, if it is raining I just wrap a tarp around him. The cloth dries out quickly. I have ran him in a light rain but I don't run the show during inclimate weather. SPaschall Thanks for the compliments, No the snowman stays outside, if it is raining I just wrap a tarp around him. The cloth dries out quickly. I have ran him in a light rain but I don't run the show during inclimate weather. SPaschall
  6. Thank you for the kind comments. SPaschall
  7. Magical Christmas in Hazel, Ky. featuring over 50,000 lights, 15ft. Pixel Tree and Seasons Greeters Snowman
  8. We have four in our display 10ft. tall with 8 channels. Odd channels are clear, even channels are red. The way we mounted ours is we put a 16 in. piece of 2" pvc in concrete below grade and put a clean out on each one. Then we put a male adapter on the bottom of the pole. When we get ready to set up I just take the cap off of the clean out and screw the pole into the clean out. I run a couple of guys just to keep it stable in high winds. This year we have added 3 channel exploding stars from Christmas Light Show to the top so I had to guy them a little better because of the added weight at the top. SPaschall
  9. SPaschall


    A Z-Tree is normally 3-4 colors and separated into 4 zones or sections. On ours one controller controls 3 colors a 3d star and strobes. From a build standpoint I have seen them made out of pvc, wood or lightweight metal. SPaschall
  10. Thanks for the "likeys" lol I appreciate it. SPaschall
  11. Thanks guys for all the input, I guess I have a show to modify. SPaschall
  12. Well do the visitors notice that it is the same show every year? I try to use different songs every year to keep it fresh, or am I looking way to deep into it. SPaschall
  13. Well I hope that I can possibly get the new show ready by midseason but I hate to throw it out there without watching it and making changes if need be. I am really anal about that lol! SPaschall
  14. Right now I am really behind on our display due to our business,I have never had a problem with my programming being ready,and I don't think the new show will be ready in time. Just wandering how many use shows from the following year and just modify them for the new additions? SPaschall
  15. Hey, a Z-Tree is a tree usually divided into 4 sections and at least 3 colors if you watch the video of our display in an earlier post on this thread the large tree in the middle is a Z-Tree. I personally like them because you can use one controller and it is alot more versatile when programming than a Mega Tree. SPaschall
  16. Did anyone mention Audacity? SPaschall
  17. I believe those were called light organs and have progressed to the point that you can trigger certain colors by frequency now. http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/cgi-bin/commerce.exe?preadd=action&key=ML1C Hope this helps, SPaschall
  18. Thank You for the kind words, as for the programming,I wouldn't mind but the sequence is part of a show that is continuous. I take all of my songs and voiceovers and put them all together as one long sequence. If you would like to see the whole show I don't mind sending you the whole show file, but if you are wanting to use it , the problem would be trying to set the timings up where it is dead on. The Center tree is a Z-Tree and is 10ft tall with a 5ft. base. Three colors in four zones, nearly 5,000 leds plus the 3d star. SPaschall
  19. Our Belligio poles are the same way except they are 8 channels, our Mega trees are 16 channels with the odd channels being clear and the evens being red. It gives you some color plus it also gives you some options color wise while programming. I think you will like it. Here is a video of our display so it will give you an idea. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:485]
  20. Love this song, Nice job!
  21. You could create one using Audicity, Just pick three songs you want to do then put them together. It may take some time but you will have the songs you want and in the arrangement you want. Another option is Believe in Holiday Magic, from Disney's Firework show, It is a mix of fast and slow that was brilliantly done,it contains 11-12 songs and is over 13 min.long. SPaschall
  22. Going over what Bill V said the biggest thing is the shows that AL designed. They are created in a what they call a 'zone' pattern. 4 zones per programming of 16 channels and I believe that in the 48 ch setup it has leaping arches. I don't know how much you know about AL but to create a decent show from that setup takes a bit of planning.I will give AL credit their hardware is all commercial grade so issues with that hopefully won't be a problem.Your time, especially if you are doing a show at your home is valuable, If you are their "guy" then money shouldn't be too much of an issue. I would charge them a fair rate for your knowledge and your time. Best Wishes, SPaschall
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