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  1. QVC added a good bit of new product online this morning. They are doing a build up to this weekend. Last year I only bought one thing during Christmas in July. So, we will see how I do this year. I have a feeling I won't be as good. I already see several things I want in the preview. I have the DVR taking care of HSN, so I will catch up when I get home. The snowman I got seems to be the only thing mold related on QVC as well. A few years ago QVC offered Dancing Santa, maybe they will surprise us. Justin
  2. Christmas in July is in full swing on HSN and QVC this week, and I have already made a purchase. http://www.qvc.com/Indoor-Outdoor-Oversized-Holiday-Figural-wLight-Illumination.product.H197589.html?sc=H197589-Tailored&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-13-_-H197589&catentryImage=http://images-p.qvc.com/is/image/h/89/h197589.001?$uslarge$ I have been watching this snowman for a while. I just hope he arrives in one piece. Justin
  3. Here is a merchant in the UK that carries molds. I took a quick look and it appears that the current inventory is low, but it is a great resource to have on hand. Also, their versions of the GF molds sometimes have different faces or there are interesting variations. http://www.festive-lights.com/decorations/christmas-figures/outdoor-figures/ Justin
  4. If you notice in the larger picture they are also missing the jewlery accents....no rings or stones in the crowns or on the urns. Justin
  5. All of their molds and holiday decor is on sale on-line through today. There are a lot of great deals. The Santa mold (holding a blue present) is 18 and some change, nativity was 30 and some change. Great Prices and with free shipping on most items. Justin
  6. Nice work! His coloring is great! Justin
  7. Maybe a few years off?! Things change....just saying. Justin
  8. I use the inflatable stakes and fishing line. I wrap the fishing line around the mold and the tie it to the stake. I have a hard time drilling into them; it makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Justin
  9. Those are amazing. I would love to find set like that. Justin
  10. Those are amazing. I have never seen any (at least that I remember) like that before. Justin
  11. These are new on me, but I like them! Justin
  12. The product description on Bronner's doesn't say. This was/is a Grand Venture mold. I personally don't have one, but it is on the list. http://www.bronners.com/product/lighted-plastic-climbing-santa.do?sortby=ourPicksAscend&page=4&from=fn Justin
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