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    Our display is located in Milford Connecticut. We have been doing the display for quite a few years and in 2006 started doing the display to benefit the Connecticut Food Bank. Since 2006, we have helped raise over $3,800 for the Connecticut Food Bank. Last year (2008) we had 40,000 lights on the house. Hopefully this year we will be around that number!

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  1. Thanks ZMAN. I was looking for the strings of transparent multi-colored lights. Chris
  2. Looking for C-7 Strings. Anyone have any they would be willing to sell? Let me know. Thanks!
  3. The curtain lights and you can find them from All American Christmas, are literally just that. They're curtains. Strings of lights that hang down like a curtain. Some are about 6 feet long and about 18 feet long I believe... www.aachristmas.com Sorry it took me so long to get back. I haven't checked this in a while.
  4. Thanks Kate! That's really cool. Definitely an idea and would probably keep the cost down. Havent' even built the display yet but when I do this summer I'll post it.
  5. You could, instead of trying to "wrap" the house is use curtain lights. I've used them before and they work great.
  6. Okay, this is going to sound weird but for the display this year I'm incorporating mannequins...hopefully one boy and one girl for a scene I'm making out of plywood that is a sweet treat type of shop. I have been able to find some on ebay and for some good prices but figured I'd ask if anyone has any for sale that they wouldn't mind getting rid of. Let me know. Chris
  7. The local (Milford) Patch community did a nice write up on our home and thought I'd share it... http://milford.patch.com/articles/that-house-in-milford-back-for-the-holidays Chris
  8. I know that this is a problem for most of us with displays. Besides putting normal outlets outside on my circuit breakers (which I can't do as it is absolutely not a safe practice and not code) what do you all do to keep breakers from tripping? I have approximately 10 outlets (5 outlet boxes) all wired with GFI's per code. Problem is everytime it rains (not snows) I have to shut down the display because so many lights are out. I know I can't wrap the connections because that just gets condenses moisture and they'll trip more often. I can try covering them but it's always something that trips the GFI. How do you all put up with the tripping of the circuits? Any other tricks I'm missing? Everything is staked and I'm going to cover everything this weekend (loosely cover everything). Any thoughts? Chris
  9. 1000Bulbs.com does sell brick clips. Is this what you're looking for? http://1000bulbs.com/product/6073/SHL-31165.html?utm_source=SmartFeedGoogleBase&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_term=SHL-31165&utm_content=Brick+Clips+and+Wreath+Hangers&utm_campaign=SmartFeedGoogleBaseShopping&gclid=CP2Y3_XguLMCFQ45nAod6DMAGg
  10. Do you have any information on what I need to get setup to use your system? Do I just need the audio and the projector? Or do I need LOR setup? I was reading that you will sell the song with the animation but am a little unlcear as to what I need for the setup...if you can explain that would be great.
  11. Sorry. Forgot to attach. Here's what they look like.
  12. I'm doing the same thing this year. I got mine from Christmas Done Bright. www.christmasdonebright.com Here's a picture of mine (from their website). They are all LEDs.
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