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    Just lovin' makin' blinky flashy. ;)
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    My display consists of 340 channels and 50,000 lights. 65 mini trees, Two 6' trees and a 14' Mega tree.
  1. Wayne J

    What are these?

    They have been discussed before. I have seen them. I'm pretty sure they are RGB LED strips, but can't remember what vendor sells them. (video is very short, uploaded wrong one. ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1-ll_o4DZg EDIT..... Nevermind. Found them.. LOR Cosmic Color Ribbon.
  2. I will be bringing a USB media projector for our PC presentations, but I would like to know if anyone else has one they can bring? It would be nice to have a backup, or maybe use as the primary. PM me if you can help.
  3. Another question... Would a presentation on PIC programming for the Renards be something you guys would like to see?
  4. What kind of juice? Be specific guys. If you like Coke, Pepsi, Diet......, whatever, let me know.
  5. Hey guys, help me out here...... What do you like for beverages? Just asking so I can make a list.
  6. Bring them Brad, if you have room. We have members of three forum boards attending, so they may very well sell.
  7. Maybe this could help...... http://yellowpages.superpages.com/listings.jsp?SRC=portals&C=quilts&STYPE=D&F=1&L=Huntersville+NC&CP=Arts+%26+Entertainment%5EVisual+Arts%5EArts+%26+Crafts%5EEmbroidery+%26+Needlework%5ESupplies+Retail%5E&CTS=Embroidery+%26+Needlework+Supplies+Retail&MCBP=true&OO=1&PP=L&R=D&local=on&RR=25 Not to mention the new mall right off the exit.
  8. The CSI unit that is mentioned above is a great unit. I got one a couple months ago and it is GREAT! Heat up is 60 seconds (400*) The price is great too. If you get one, don't forget a couple extra tips.
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