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  1. I got mad and pluged in about 6 snubbers in various locations on the tree. It worked... I have an older LOR controller (2007) and someone told me the older ones sometime have issues because they didn't have LEDs in mind when it was designed. Anyway, it is working now. Thanks everyone for your help
  2. I added a snubber to the beginning of the circuit. Though it is a little better, not quite there. It flickers as it fades up and down. Would it be beneficial to add some at the end of the some of the stands I can reach?
  3. Cool. I picked up enough parts to make 20 snubbers... Thanks everyone!
  4. Okay, this is easy enough. With my parkway tree is done, it would be very difficult now to put snubbers or a C9 at the end of each run. Wish I looked into this a little further before I started. But, I didn't have any idea. Next year, it will be better! If I put a snubber or C9 say, right on the SPT wire where it is plugged into my controller, would this work? Basically, I would put a female vampire connector mid wire, then plug the snubber. I maybe able to put some on the ends, but not all. Hmmmm... I have retro C7 on my roof as well. They dim pretty good, but would this help? Hey, everyone.. Thanks for your help. Been doing this for 7 years, but this is the first major investment into LEDs. I also started dabbing into DMX this year.
  5. I plugs in a single 100 stand of regular lights and it dims... WOW! Would like to know what a snubber is, where I get one or how to make it. Glad plug warmer? Is that what my wife has on the wall to make the house smell better?
  6. I have no idea what a snubber or a glade plug warmer is.... The stands are plugged into several different plugs on the custom electrical cord. This is my first year using this many LEDs.
  7. I got a bunch of LEDs on my parkway tree. 40 strands of blue, 40 of green. Each set of 40 are plugged into a LOR Channel. When lower the percentage of power on the LOR channels, the LEDs don't dim. I put the power down to about 5 percent then it turns off. When bringing them up, same thing, Gets to 5%, the string appears to be 100%. Now, here's the funny thing. I plug the lights, put in a single stand of LEDs. They dim fine. No issues. Has anyone ever heard of that?
  8. I like the loop idea. Mine I put my sub-panel on the side of the house, and ran outlets from there.
  9. 78f4bfcb61b4575e87fdf4132a0ddd11
  10. Very nice tutorial. And yes I would agree, it would be more efficent to run 220 volt lights rather than 120. Justin: I work for a power company in California and am incharge of their data centers, call centers, and grid control centers. At our Data Center we actually bring is 5000 volts into the building then step it down to 480 and 415 as needed. It is much more effiencent and you get a better power factor when you use a higher voltage. (Becuase you don't have that line loss when dealing with longer feeds) The KW all works out the same, but managing the load is much easier with higher loads...
  11. I used them late last year (2012) for a last minute thing I was working on. Been checking out prices through a few vendors online, so fare they seem like the best deal.
  12. I am looking for 6 boxes or each color... Anyone have any good deals??? Full Wave, Dimable... Fully LOR compatable....
  13. I do my arches a little differently than most. Though my idea isn't orginal, I did get this idea from someone else on this fourm. These are a example of the arches I use. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NCKJqo9U-Yg
  14. I have found three channel rope light... But, in 120 volts. I have some open channels on my 12 volt controller, so I was hoping there would be such a thing. Does anyone know of any? (LED would be a plus. But, no necessary)
  15. The lights on my roof are spaced 12" apart. But, I have a single color. Take a look at my videos of my roof grib spacing.
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