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  1. I have added some new Christmas Blowmolds to my website if you would like to check them out. I still have a few airblowns, and a bunch of indoor pre-lit Christmas trees left also. The pre-lit trees are brand new in the box - most of the other stuff is used but nice. The trees are 6' - 8' and are too big to ship but are only $50 each if you live near Roscoe, IL. Everything else can be shipped. The website is http://www.barrettboutique.com Thank you
  2. Hi, all of the items are on my website www.barrettboutique.com Thank you
  3. Oops, I forgot to mention the website is www.barrettboutique.com and I am adding them on now so it will take me a few minutes. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
  4. I have now gotten to the BLOWMOLDS section of my attic - I have put those on my website as well in case anyone is interested. There may be some you don't have already, or need a match to or whatever. Also, I have a big lot of those melted plastic popcorn Christmas wall hangings if anyone is interested. Thank you
  6. I have started putting all of my Christmas items onto my website individually, with pictures of each, and the shipping calculator for those of you who would want shipping. The address is www.barrettboutique.com just click on the category called CHRISTMAS. I will keep adding more items until the garage is empty. I do take credit cards on my website, so that should make it easier. Thank you for all your interest. I ADDED A LIGHT UP SLEIGH with REINDEER that I forgot I had! I will be digging out more as the days go on!!
  7. I AM TRYING TO ADD THE SIZES AND NUMBER OF LIGHTS ON MY PRE-LIT TREES SO EVERYONE KNOWS. SORRY IF THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT WAY TO REPLY TO MY OWN POSTING, BUT I WASN'T SURE: FOR PRE-LIT TREES I HAVE: 6.5' GE JUST CUT DOUGLAS FIR with 400 colored mini lights, 1177 tips, 51" base. 7' GE JUST CUT SHEARED BALSAM with 600 white mini lights, 1830 tips, 50" base and foot pedal on/off. 7' GE JUST CUT NATURAL SPRUCE with 700 white mini lights, 1897 tips, 59" base and foot pedal. (3) 7.5' GE JUST CUT DOUGLAS FIR with 210 C7 colored lights, 1748 tips, 60" base and foot pedal. 6' CLEARWATER PINE with 40
  8. Yes ! Send me your address, and I will let you know how much shipping would be. Thank you
  9. I am going to go through the box of lights to see what exactly is in it and I will let you know. Thank you
  10. I believe the icicle lights are on white wires with clear lights, and some are brown wires with white lights. Forgive me, but what are minis?
  11. I have this giant lot of Christmas items which I need to clear out of my garage. Most of the items are new in the box. I have 11 PRE-LIT INDOOR TREES at 6' and up for $75 each (they have price tags of up to $400 on them. I have 1 ENTRYWAY TREE IN A POT PRE-LIT 4' tall for $25. I have many 4' Penguin and Snowman SNOWGLOBES with blowing snow inside for $20 each. I have a few 8' INFLATABLE CAROUSEL SNOWGLOBES which really revolve for $30 each. I have one giant Peanuts SNOWGLOBE for $40. 2 Outdoor STICK TREES which are white wire with pre-lit lights on them for $25 each. I have 17 Reindeer - some
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