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  1. The halftime show was pathetic, IMO. Last years was so much better....not with the lights, but the performers as well. Jeez... The suits were controlled via DMX with mini wireless DMX receivers-to my knowledge. Waiting for the article in FOH magazine.
  2. has anyone seen Terry around? I REALLY need to get ahold of him...so if anyone has any contact information for him please send me a message. please help!
  3. I have some people that could custom make them... 616-558-3769
  4. I did a review on the MTS products. Click here to see the review:
  5. I have been debating of buying multiple cases of the MTS (magic in the sky) LED's for myself and my customers. However, knowing they are coming from China, I was a little leery. I asked Ryan at MTS if he could send me a sample, and he did so I could put it through multiple tests including sustainability, LOR features, and durability. The first test I did was keeping the lights on for 72hrs straight out in the cold, then another 24 in the warmth. No LED's went out, and nothing was warm, not even the transformers on the strand itself. I've had it where LED strands get very warm after a while
  6. I would be VERY concerned with fiber optic trees outside. I would say no. PLUS remember the 20ft rule...Fiber optic trees look good up close, but once you get a good distance away, its hard to tell what is happening. In fact, sometimes it can just look plain ol' bad.
  7. Yes...we have multiple. These are pics from last years show...we didnt have any of them from this year for some reason...but anyways we hold them up with a 5ft piece of metal conduit. works AWESOME. This year we put LED's on them...they looked great. attached are some pics...
  8. I too am looking for these. I'd like to have 2 or three colors on one strand with an edison for each color. Where do I find these?????!!!
  9. I'm wondering the same thing! I just came back to PC and I'm wondering if I should leave again...
  10. uh...sounds like you're a little late? It'll be hard to pull a show together that quick...consider next year?
  11. iDMX sold! Thanks for looking.
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