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    Somewhere around 15,000 lights. 15' PVC mega tree. Huge leaping arch over driveway.

    Should have 16 channels of LOR this year.

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  1. I'm working on my first coro project today to... a Tune-To sign. It actually wasn't that bad on my fingers.
  2. I doubt it does a real good job with your mp3-player music. Probably acts like a light organ. But, of course, if it does magically sync to your custom songs, that's really cool!
  3. http://planetchristmas.com/FigurePower.htm It's all there.
  4. You must have at least three channels in order to do a chase effect. Maybe add green? I've seen Halloween lights in green, orange, and purple.
  5. This reminds me... I've got an old one I'd like to sell.
  6. Pretty much the same thing as sparkleballs. www.sparkleball.com Still, neat idea. I'm considering some for 2009, if I can come up with a place to put them.
  7. That screenshot looks GREAT!!!
  8. If you use a metal pole, it will be stuck in the ground. I'm rather sure the path of least resistance would be for the lightning to strike the topper, go down the pole, and reach earth ground. I doubt much damage to your lights would occur.
  9. Alec

    The New Site

    Cool! Another Weebly User! It took me awhile to find the Photo Album Widget, I don't know why. It's under "Multimedia" on the side.
  10. Once the gray-on-white problem was fixed, the last forum template was okay...
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