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  • My favorite Christmas story
    I got interested in Christmas Lights when I helped my boss at one of my first jobs decorate his house. He made it on the local news channel and from there I was hooked !!!
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    New Athens, Illinois, USA
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    I Love Christmas Time and putting up a display to try to share the joy of Christmas with everyone.
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    Coaching, Xmas Lights, Bowling, Softball, Hockey
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    Senior Engineer
  • About my display
    I use both LOR and Dasher products for my display. I average between 45-50000 lights a year. I have a lot of Wire Frames, wooden cutouts and inflatables. My best attraction is the Virtual Santa, which always gets people's attention.

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  1. Love it and will be looking to add it to my 2014 display.
  2. This is completely new to me. Is there some place I could look to understand how to put the lights on for the fan process?
  3. I want to turn the front of my house into a Gingerbread looking front. Anybody have any ideas? It has a wooden porch that goes across the front and has the perfect steep angle roof on the front. Going to use Corugated board and paint it cinnamon brown and put it over the brick, but curious if others have ideas. Thanks Tom
  4. If I still have them and I am able to make it to that meeting, yes, I would be happy to bring them along.
  5. I think I have 4 total and they stand about 6 ft tall, so no fighting will be necessary..
  6. Yes, I would like to. I have a very busy schedule, so as long as I know about them a little in advance, I can probably make it to them. I am making a lot of changes to my display this year, so the mini meetings would be great !!!
  7. All, I have a bunch of extra wireframes that I bought at a business in Arkansas that was going out of business but really am not going to use them. They include Ghosts, Bats, Frankenstein, Sitting Reindeer, Running Reindeer and Toy Soldiers. I willing to sell them for $15 each plus any shipping or I am even willing to meet people to pick them up within a 4 hours drive of St. Louis. If you are interested, please let me know. I will trying to provide counters/pictures later on tonight when I get home. I would also be willing to trade items as well if you have any LOR boxes or something of interest I could use for my display. Thanks, Tom
  8. Is there video anywhere showing what this would look like? Sounds cool, but seeing it would make it much easier to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. Thanks
  9. Does anybody have daytime pictures of their strings of strobes? Just trying to get an Idea of how people put them on their house and/or Mega Tree?
  10. Great. thanks a ton !!! Going to use some of my tax return to get some stuff..... pending I get money back and my wife doesn't find out !!!
  11. I'm just using 10' 1 1/4" PVC pipe cut to 6', then I use the 4' section for a small tree. I put 1" diameter rebar in the ground to support the poles and made my own light holder to put on top. Last year, I just cut grooves in the PVC which was about 5' high, but I wanted more mights and found that making the light holder would allow for me to do this. I put 800 on the 4' trees and 1400 on the 6', but there was room for more on both.
  12. OK, so how do you go about pre-ordering from CDI? I was confused by their website. Do I have to call them?
  13. I'm sure this has been talked about before, but what is the difference between the LED and Regular strobes that Daryl sells? Number of flashes, brightness? I have some of the old Strobes the Daryl used to sell with the cord that you could add a resistor two and also have some C9 type from Action Lightening. I want to add strobes to the display next year, just not sure what type to buy.
  14. Thanks Randy, I will give that a try and see how it works out.
  15. So now that the Stained Glass Paint I used to buy at Michael's is becoming harder and harder to find, does anybody have any suggestions as what to use to paint clear rope light so I do not have to splice colored pieces in? I need to repaint some of my items from a couple years again and just don't know what to use. Thanks in advance.
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