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  1. I do not remember the brand. The only colors out were clear and multi. I will check on the brand on my next visit.
  2. Here in central PA, Sam's club has C9 LED's 50-count for sale at $9.98 a box. Happy hunting!
  3. Our local Lowes has Christmas items out. It is sparse right now, but they had lights, wreaths, and a few inflatables. Happy hunting. -steveb
  4. I have to agree this is right up there ... :giggle:
  5. The Muppets: A Christmas Carol is our favorite and we watch it as a family tradition in our home each Christmas.
  6. This year we did this for the first time-- well sorta. We have several shows saved on SD Cards. We use AL equipment. We change the shows often. I had the Demented Elf do voice only (no music bed) announcements for us. I then calculated intro and closing to the songs. I keep this information and the voice track number on the cd on a chart next to the "broadcast station". Using a Carver CD with a Ramsey FM100B we mix randomly (not all the time - or between each song) a different voice over between the songs. It really sounds good, and it fills up the couple of seconds of dead air between
  7. The roof pitch is steep so a boom may be needed, but we have had success year after year using C-7"s with individual light clips. They attach to the shingle stay put and we have had no issues. -steveb
  8. You might try decorating more at Easter.
  9. All --you are missing the point. The glasses are for EVERYONE ELSE'S display. It's not to diminish the big display, but to add character and life to the single string on a 50ft. tree display.
  10. I too live in a cul-de-sac and my neighbors do absolutely nothing for decorating. The good news isit makes our house look even brighter. The sad, it would look awesome if everyone pitched in. We are averaging about 90-100 cars an evening. SOOOO--I asked and got approval to place in each yard next to me, a 12' blowup Grinch with hands on his hips and toes tapping looking over at our house. :laughing:
  11. It was an extension chord that went bad issue. Countdown clock is back in business. Sorry for scaring anyone :]
  12. Anyone else have a countdown sign from Michaels go dark? It has been working fine and tonight decided enough was enough I guess. -steveb
  13. Sams Clubhas a very nice nativity (Resin grade), nine pieces for $447. The tallest piece is 36". I live in PA so I do not know if it is available everywhere. I bought mine from Christmas Night, Inc. http://www.christmasnightinc.com/which is also mentioned in this thread. -steveb
  14. The comedian who speaks/narrates on the song did not release for play. I asked AL about the song when I received it and the whole song could not be included due to the agreement. You areright though, nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself. I just did not want people to be disappointed if they purchase the song thinking it would be there as I did.
  15. For all you AL users: When you purchase a pre-sequenced song from Animated Lighting, it also includes a license to play it publicly on their controllers. This license does NOT include the narrative voice over shown on the video in this song. Christmas with a Captial 'C' is shorter and starts at the first verse. It still is a great song though. Just an FYI.. -steveb
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