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  1. Hello everyone. I haven't been on here recently but am wondering if there are any group LED buys going on right now? I appreciate your time. Ryan
  2. Bill, I am intersted in the stars. I have been wanting to add for a couple of years but like so many, just don't have the time or equip to do it. Are you still building and selling and do these come with the lights? If not, what lights are you using and are they the same lights that Crooks used. Thanks Bill. Ryan
  3. I would definitely be interested, depending on the answers to all these great questions. Thanks for you hard work on this.
  4. Great!!! March 1st gives me a couple of days to figure out how comfortable I am. Much appreciated. Ryan
  5. Well, thanks for giving me the update. Please keep me posted if you see or hear anything. Much appreciated. Ryan
  6. I haven't been on consistently enough this year to catch the sales. Anyone willing to give me a heads up who still has LED light sales going on? I really appreciate it. Ryan
  7. For those that are building these LED floods, it sounds like you are still in the development phase but would you mind contacting me when you have a unit ready and complete for plug and play with LOR. I would like to purchase a few. Thanks and good luck. Ryan
  8. Can we not buy directly from Holiday Creations? I thought I had seen the site in the past where we could order directly from them. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Randaling

    Ice 2010

    Are these units safe for outdoors in the elements? They are awesome!!
  10. Ok, great and thank you all again. Merry Christmas to all. Ryan
  11. Don, Will this delete my LOR files when I run the clean up and reintall the newer version? Thank you again for your time. Ryan
  12. I have installed the latest version but I keep getting errors. First it say the feature I am trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. I get the option of clicking cancel or OK but either way I cannot get past this page. If I click cancel I get error 1706 then right back to the other network not available page. I have reistalled several times but no resolution. I have rebooted the computer but still no resolution. I have no idea what to do here. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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