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  1. It is important to note that the designation of SPT-1 or SPT-2 ONLY addresses the insulation and not the gauge of the wire. Typical SPT-2 wire is either 12 gauge or 16 gauge. This link will give you the amp capacity for all wire sizes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_wire_gauge
  2. It is the time period between sequences that I am not sure about. Once a sequence stops so does everything in it including separate tracks, right? Even if I made a 4 hour sequence, it would still stop at 10 pm when the show goes off. I think the only way to do this would be to have a separate track on a separate PC or a separate animation that runs for 4 hours, but I would have to do the math and have a new animation for each day. Seems like a lot of trouble. It would definitely be easier to just buy something, but I like doing things that are unique and personal.
  3. Here you can see the wiring. Note the 8 hot and 4 neutral. You might have to download and zoom in on the left side.
  4. Hope this helps. Note the intact tab on the neutral side (left) and the broken tab on the ight
  5. I am thinking about making a countdown clock using controllers. Each number would take 7 channels as shown in the attached pic. My question is, would this not require a separate computer running a separate show? I cant think of a way that you could have this running while you are running a show of other sequences.
  6. DITTO! I have four outlets per side. I break the hot tab so I can have two separate channels. I leave the neutral tab alone and run a shared neutral for each outlet box. End result is 8 hot wires per side and 4 neutrals. If you look in your panel box every circuit shares the same neutral so you are not introducing anything new.
  7. WOW! Those circles are really cool. I never thought of doing something like that. Very AWESOME!!
  8. There is no difference in the terminology of GFI & GFCI. They are both the same thing just some people choose to drop the "C". The difference is in the device itself. (i.e. gfci breaker, gfci outlet, etc. ) As far as support....to each is own.
  9. Actually you just did. Time for me to back out of this thread. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  10. I would say that caution is the direct responsibility of the home owner. Granted I live in Florida now and the dry season is November through May or June. In that regard, the only real moisture problem I have is condensation in the mornings. I cut power to the entire system each night at 10 and turn it back on at 5 pm. I also don't sit in the house while it is running. I am in the driveway every night not only for traffic control and to greet people, but to make sure everyone stands on the other side of the street. Anyone that stands on the side adjacent to the lawn is asked to move. In fact,
  11. This topic seems to get so many people fired up. I was an inspector for 27 years and although I am still certified I am now in Project Management. One thing that I was insistent on when training new people was to tell them "If you are going to tell someone they are wrong, make darn sure you are right." There is very clear verbiage in the NEC codes for temporary operations which is precisely what a light display is. I have been putting up lights and running extension cords through wet grass and snow since 1984 and never once have I experienced so much as a tingle. I have researched this quite
  12. Never heard of dueling "jingle bells", but I have this....http://www.xmas.planetmonkman.com/multimedia/xmas12/dueling_banjos2012.wmv
  13. I was going to say replace the triac or try resetting it, but looks like LOR took care of you. Kevin is a great help, isn't he? That is why I insist on and will not use anything but LOR.
  14. There are 28 42" minis in front. I know that seems like a weird number but when I first started doing this, the last items to be given channels were those clear minis. I started with 8 controllers the first year based on what I currently had in lights. After I dedicated everything I had (which included my original intent of 16 minis), I was left with 28 channels. So there you go. The other mini trees are the smaller size tomato cages which I believe are 30". There are 48 of those or 3 controllers. You will notice there is a gap between each set of those as well as the clear ones. I am going to
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