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  1. My display was up and running on Friday. The Saturday show had all the lights synced to the right channels. I am always amazed at long it takes to fix a small problem that was overlooked, like not assigning a channel right. Rex Corner of NE 66th Street and 148th Ave NE Redmond. Just south of Grasslawn park
  2. atvrex

    TSO today

    Looking forward to TSO today. Who's going to which show? See you there. Rex
  3. I'll be there. I want to do the soldering class if possible. Maybe a plus 1.
  4. Not in Seattle proper. Redmond on the corner of NE 66th Street and 148 Ave NE. 4 blocks south of Grass Lawn park. 20K lights and sadly only 80 channels of LOR. Box fried last Sunday.
  5. The wife won't let me start putting things out until Nov. 1. So I wait for the first big frost to kill all the flowers. Rex
  6. Easy enough to work with. Very flexible. Very light weight. Not very cheap. I have a wall wart in ziplock bag that sits in the weather. I'll see if I can come up with a pic of the sign. Rex
  7. I used EL wire on my "tune to" sign last year. Just hot glued it to coroplast. Plan to use the same sign again. Rex
  8. I have inlaws in Skagit county, does that count.
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