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  1. I bought a bunch of C7-C9 stakes after Christmas about three years back and now I zip tie every connection to these stakes. This keeps the connections off the ground. I also keep lights off the ground as well. My mega tree has about an inch from the bottom circle to the ground. Real trees get the connections somewhere on the trunk etc... With these steps I have gone from 5-6 breakers popping every time it rains 3 seasons ago. To 0 GFCI pops in the last 2 seasons. YMMV Frank
  2. It depends on your climate. Given that this is the Holiday season it is cool weather just about everywhere. However; my first base for my Mega Tree died a horrible death in the 110+ California summer heat. The 3/4" Grey conduit went from a perfect circle to pretty flat shape over the summer and the Pipe turned black. That said, The PVC pipe holds up great in cooler weather and should not be a problem for you. Just be careful how you store it so that it will work again next year. Frank
  3. Joseph Ayo wrot Here, Here! I'll second that! HEre is the site. The video is on the video player right hand side of the screen http://www.fox4florida.com/ Frank
  4. No clear answer on dimming LEDs. For most of the mini light varieties you can dim them. For C9s, MR16s etc. you usually can not dim them since there is usually an addition circuit in the bulb to normalize the voltage and current to the LEDs themselves. LED Icicles should fade OK. I use LED Icicles from Creative Displays and they work great!. under no circumstances should you ever shimmer on LEDS! It will fry them. Regards, Frank
  5. 6 - 20 Amp circuits 4 on a roof top gable and 2 in the eaves on either side of the house 1 - 15 AMP circuit built in when the house was built (seemed like enough at the time 1 - 20 amp service from the pool pump station 1 - 15 amp from the BBQ island 1 - 15 amp form the outdoor outlets. So potentially 185 AMPs for me. Though I only draw about 135 at peak. If I could afford it I would switch everything over to LEDs and run the whole show on 20 AMPs
  6. I had a few comments and used the weather response. Interetingly that started a wave and now half of my block is done with their decorating. Of course for me I had to start early to make sure I can get everything up in time. Last weekend was the eaves, roof and a wall that I cover. Total of about 14k lights. This weekend it is time to reassemble the mega tree. Thats when I really start getting the long looks from people
  7. rjm12rjm12 wrote: For me I can see it very easily if I plug them in and move them around. Half wave will noticebly be pulsing. Full wave will not exhibit that behavior. They are much smoother.
  8. So far the GE strings I bought at Lowes seem to be the best. They are full wave and put out great color. they were priced the same as the lights from HD that were half wave and felt very cheap. As the previous poster statred though it is too early to know for sure. Next year I will be looking for any group buy opportunities though...
  9. 32 - 4 color mega Tree 28 -- multi colored mini trees (pyramid stacked. 7 rows) 16 -- 8 Green/red mini trees (color changing) 16 -- 8 Blue/Clear mini trees (color changing) 16 -- 4 colors in 4 segments on roof (red,green, blue, clear) 24 -- 4 colors in 6 segments on walls of house (ed,green, blue, clear) 4 -- wreaths 32 -- Leaping light archs (talk about eating up channels) 2 -- red/green c9 (LEDs) 4 -- 1600 blue lights for flowing creek effect (moving to chase controllers this year to recover channels). 4 -- four colors on tree in yard 12 -- four colors on three "mini mega trees"
  10. gsxr7500 wrote: I am pretty sure Richard was being tongue in check. Your original post was pretty vague. We have seen this debate on here quite a few times. Personally I am going to make a sign for these guys: http://www.childsplaycharity.org/ Frank
  11. OK I found some threads you might review for this topic: http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=8075&forum_id=13&highlight=hot+glue http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=8245&forum_id=13&highlight=metal+light+clips These are threads from last year and are where I got my idea (my former login was pHar but for some reason I can no longer login to that account). The garden hangers that Andrew Albertsen presented are what I use and they work great. Good Luck! Frank
  12. I have been trying to find a link to what I use to no avail. I am using little metal caps with a loop in them. They are typicaly used for holding plants etc to houses with the plant tape. They are paintable and are attached using Silicone glue. I attach lights to the hooks using 4" zip ties. I use these on my concrete roof and my stucco walls. In a few places I use them on the wood in the eaves. I'll keep looking for a link to them. (P.S. I originally found them from a similar thread on the forum last year)
  13. FrankR


    I bought a set to test out and they appear to be half wave. The blink rate was actually making me some what sea sick.
  14. It was hit or miss for me. I managed to get two browsers through the "line" in about 3 minutes. The first one was fired off right at 10am local and took a ggod minute and a half to come back. The other was a split second later and took 3 minutes to come back. The second set of seats were an extra 10 rows back and off to the side.
  15. Personally I run Clear,Red,Green,blue. If I could only run 2 colors I would choose Red and clear personally. That combination looks really good and bright together. Going to three colors gets tougher. I think I would go with Multi for the third color just to get the most variation. Choosing between Green and blue is difficult since they both tend to be dimmer (like above assuming minis here). For me I run 4 colors everywhere that I can. It burns channels quickly but looks very striking when the entire display changes colors with the beat.
  16. Club soda? You mean tonic water. Quinine will react in the presence of UV and glow. It creates a pretty cool effect. Frank
  17. Sounds pretty solid then. I just remeber a bad experience leaving an untreated sheet of MDF out in the yard during a freak summer rain storm... The sheet was of no use after that. As for the are flow I would need to do the math on it but the fans would be the controlling factor not the amount of exit opening. As long as the fans are not moving more air then can come in through the bottom then there is no issue. On the other hand if it can't then air would try to come in anywhere it could. potentially creating an opportunity for moisture to get in. However; I would doubt that would be enough
  18. One other question.... Did you cover the MDF with sheet metal? It wasn't clear to me in reading your original post. I would be some what concerned about the MDF soaking up water. If I remember correctly MDF tends to act like a sponge... Frank
  19. Those are very impressive enclosures. Your final design looks like a winner. Are you planning to wet test these before the season? I would be interested in hearing the results. I am already planning on building a couple of your b-trees (a single sectioned Z tree if you will). Now if only I could afford some DMX lights! Frank
  20. Hi Sparklelady. It should be pretty easy to make Darryl's strobes work with the larger cups for sparkle balls. What you could do as a test run is attempt to build a sparkle ball using a strand of C9s. The bottom hole would need to be larger but I think it should be doable. Then you could replace a couple of C9s with the strobes and you would have a strobing sparkle ball. Another choice may be to just make the sparkle ball as usual but embedded a small strobe in the center (much like the picture of the sparkle ball with a red bulb in the middle on your site). That could mix minis w
  21. Phyllis, Just hop over the hill to Reno for the Saturday night show I would prefer to go to the Reno Show but Saturday after Thanksgiving is my traditional "lights on" night, so off to Arco I go! Frank
  22. Wow Wayne great documentation of your process. Our trees our very similar except I do not have the same investment into guy wiring. Though based on your writing I may revisit that this year. I have made some landscaping chagnes that may make that work out for me. Did you use the lift to install the light strings as well? Sure would make it go faster. All in all I would say your tree looks great! Frank
  23. BTW... I love the efect on the Pig Pen picture Oopps... Maybe thats Charlie. The Smoke made me think Pig Pen.
  24. Wow! These are great. I think you are doing an excellent job with these! I wish I had your skills I would love to have that Snoopy. Frank P.S. Do you have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree to go along with that set?
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