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  1. I need led replacement bulbs for my blowmolds, i have the bulbs to replace the c-7s but where can i get the bulbs to replace the regular 60watt house lightbulb in the big bulbs?
  2. No i am just less inflatables more lights, here in vegas ive realized it is just way to windy most of the year and i cant even enjoy the display. Ya ill make a list and pm it to you!
  3. I have some inflatables for sale in Las Vegas. I have many to choose from, if you want to come by and look my number is 702-370-7772 give me a call if you want too. Also have thousands of lights and other yard decor for sale.
  4. This thread is old, but i still think all us nevada people should get together sometime! we should start planning something
  5. the only thing i can think of, is do you have another adapter from a different inflatable?
  6. Hey guys just got around to signing on again, been busy with work and school, but whos ready for this season? Just bought my first new items for this season, got the GE lights and sounds of christmas and 15 boxes of blue lights to do my river again this year! hows everyone doing so far?
  7. Hey everyone, im looking for some ways to make light up trees and light up giftboxes, would like to make quite a few for this year and dont want to spend the absurd prices at the stores! so if you guys have any ideas it would be appreciated!
  8. hey everyone, im selling almost all my inflatables, i would like to try and keep it local for know to avoid shipping, if you would like to come look at them you can shoot me a text or call 702-370-7772. If you would like to see most of what i have you can look at all my previous display photos, thanks! ryank
  9. Thanks, and i dont know! Well we had very bad winds yesterday and today, going to have to go fix some things when it dies down, no matter how good you stake stuff down, always finds some way to break or fall!
  10. Thanks Rita! And yes lee, I will always love inflatables just trying to display my "key" ones, I had 46 last year, this year I put up 24! I still have about 10 sitting in the garage! Overall I'm happy this year, added some more since the video and some more lights! Will post new video soon!
  11. Here's a little preview to christmas 2011, will make a new video soon, added a couple items since this video!
  12. I wouldnt reccomend it, its just way to high for that thing, you got to think of how windy it is on the ground, imagine 45 more feet up!
  13. Hey what's up everyone, started my display this weekend! How's everyone doing in Nevada?
  14. Biggest ever made for grinch was 8ft; and they never made a Scrooge to the best of my knowledge!
  15. I agree I would use PVC, and use thin cable to keep it in the air! And you can zip tie the rope light to the cable!
  16. Hey everyone, las Vegas lights has begun! Already have the 2nd story done all the way around and the roof! This weekend will be the back balcony, bushes, and anything left on the house or roof, then next weekend will be the whole yard! Stay tuned, sold about 12 inflatables this year, but still have over 30, and most are unique ones, have some really cool new lights things as well! Thanks, Ryanchristmas
  17. Looks good! I'm going to have to come check out your christmas this year!
  18. That bumble is in really good shape! awesome!
  19. Hey everyone have some inflatables for sale: 12ft santa, $50, tear by by feet can be repaired, only used 1 1/2 seasons @ 8ft snowmen, $30 a piece 8ft santa $25 8ft polar bear, $35 8ft tree $30 Shoot me a pm if your intrested in them.
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