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  1. Very cool, thanks everyone! Great ideas for creating the right mood, and appreciate the song suggestions, thanks!
  2. re: animated light show - I am sooooo enjoying my transformation into a Christian Christmas display a few years ago. Only including songs written by Christian artists, and usually only those with a pretty strong Christian message. Over the last few years, my Halloween show is becoming more popular (just one night, I use it to test my lights and try new animation techniques with LightORama). I want to make it Christian. I am tempted to use Skillet: Monster - well, it is the only Christian artist I can find so far that has a song that would at least fit Halloween. Any other suggestio
  3. For us, we've decided to go 100% Christian display - and traffic is actually up this year compared to past. Two main aspects really, 1) we blink/flash everything, but the nativity stays on and bright all night, and 2) only Christian songs (either Christian message or at least Christian artist singing traditional song). This year, we have This is Christmas (Kutless), Christmas is Here (TobyMac), and Let There Be Light (Point of Grace). Videos on our website if anyone wants to take a peak: www.waconiachristmas.com - nativity is in the center of the display but actually a little hard to see fr
  4. There was a great discussion on this several years ago. The consensus opinion was "yes" you count the lights - the definition that helped me the best was "any individual point of light" counted. The discussion also included comments on whether or not a flood light (as an example, a 150W light) should count as one or 150 - got complex at that point
  5. http://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=extension%20cord&page=7&sortby=priceAsc I like the prices on 6', 9', and 15' extension cords plus some other good deals. And a note, the green cords are listed as 12' but I ordered then and are actually 15' as expected.
  6. Just wanted to post a public "thanks" to Jacob and Magicinthesky.com - there was a slight miscount in my order. I emailed Jacob and I received a prompt email reply to resolve. This was on Monday afternoon. This morning (Thursday) FedEx showed up with the correct strings. Amazing customer service, much appreciated. Already looking forward to next year's pre-order! Thanks! Bob Z
  7. Is Paul/CDI the only one this season offering the LED C9 retro bulbs as part of a pre-order? (LED Holiday Lighting is excluded from the question, don't even want to go there!)
  8. I think the biggest red flags for me is that if/when he actually ships out MORE replacement lights than what you sent via warranty transaction, he claims he has the right to charge shipping and full retail price for the lights he sent you by mistake... and... he states that if the warranty string you send in is "working" he'll charge you a 15% fee, plus charge you AGAIN for the string you purchased in the first place from him, and charge you shipping to send it back.... ????? So I buy a $10 string, and I claim it is faulty. I send it to him. He says it isn't faulty. He charges me 15% ($1
  9. I'm sure many of us received this email - but as a former customer who is still waiting to receive part of my shipment, I just had to shake my head at this one and move on. However, I have to highlight this part because I still can't stop laughing: "If the number of replacement strands we send is greater than the number we pick up from you, you will be charged for the difference in the number of strands at their retail price. " (from LED Holiday Lighting) Greetings, As 2010 has winded down we know there are always some products that did not make it through the season. Our ema
  10. Couldn't resist the urge to go back again today (75% at Target yesterday). They still had a lot of cool white LED M5 and the pink LED G12. I bought the rest of their blue/warm white/multi LED nets, and somehow had missed some warm white G12/M5 so bought the rest of those. In total, all at 75% off ($3/string - net lights were $4.25 or something like that?): warm white: G12 - 46, M5 - 10, net (G12 - 90 lights) - 4 pink: G12 - 50 cool white: M5 - 28 multi: G12 - 13, C6 - 11, M5 - 2, net - 8 blue: G12 - 3, C6 - 17, net - 10, and the some 5m 4X6 nets (70 lights) - 15 I left all of the
  11. Our Target went 75% today too - the manager told me "we never know which day, we just find out in an email that morning" - tons of blue/white/multi/pink LEDs - including quite a few net and icicle lights which was cool. I think my total was $400 and at the end the receipt said "You saved $1200 today" (which I guess makes sense, at 75% off). All the extension cords were long gone by clerk's report. If my wife didn't stop me after I filled up the 2nd cart, I probably would have ended up with all of them. Once you start grabbing so hard to stop!! Even had a few of those snowflakes left, adde
  12. I just wanted to offer, this being Christmas and all, that you can put them in my yard if ya want. Just trying to be helpful
  13. sorry if i missed it, but are these prices case quantity only or individual strings ok too? I'm sure everyone is doing the same calculations I am right now (comparing vendor prices for same spec items) - and with you offering shipping at cost, pretty cool! Thanks for putting this together!
  14. Ok changed to IE and it works, was using Google Chrome (adding to cart didn't work with Chrome either) - thanks!
  15. It might be just me, but your website background is black and text is black, I can only see the text if I highlight the entire page as if I was going to copy/paste. Just an FYI.
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