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  1. That's what I thought. My mind just couldn't grasp why more lights wouldn't equal more wattage in some instances. figured LED is just a different animal. I'm ready to place my order now, for first timers we are supposed to call the order in, correct? Is there a special number or anything I need to mention when I call or is it just the number on the site? Thanks
  2. I'm new to LED and want to do some planning for this coming year. Why are the wattages different for the various colors and string size (I"m looking at red, green, white and blue) then some colors are the same for 50 and 70 count strings, etc. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something
  3. Paul I have some spt2 extension cords bought from the store. Can the c9 PP socket for zip cord work with that wire or will it only work with the zip cord you sell? It's only to light a star I'm building so I don't need 1000ft spool of zip cord.
  4. I will be zip tying them through the holes pre-drilled in the strip. The edges of that metal are actual not sharp at all they are somewhat rounded. I just need something similar and am very leery about plastic seeing as I'm in Arizona and my attic will reach 130+ degrees in the summer.
  5. Next year I'm planning on using metal drywall corner bead to secure my LED lights to. Just wondering if anyone can forsee any issues with this such as possibly tripping GFCI? People do wire frames all the time so I'm assuming I'd be okay. I'd just rather use metal than plastic for long term durability.
  6. Which are better, xenon or LED strobes? I've heard LED has a problem not firing as random. I'll have twenty under the first and second floor eves. I'm looking for a fast random firing pattern. Can someone who has seen both let me know please. Thanks.
  7. Are the c9 retro fit better than the c9 strings of LED we can get through other vendors? Just priced out what it would take to do the entire roof line and HOLY COW! And that doesn't include the strings and sockets that I don't already have. I'm ordering c6's to outline the windows, doors and yard but really want the larger bulb for the roof. Will need about 450 bulbs each of red, green and warm white. I don't see any other c9's on Paul's site.
  8. I must have the best wife in the world. I just told her I was going to buy 9 cases of LED lights and 2 cases of strobes for next year (and I told her the price) and all she said was "okay." --I hope she knows I'm serious.
  9. I'm confused. How many actual retro fit bulbs come with the case price for the c9 retrofits? And has anyone used these in the past? I'm trying to find the best way to outline the roof with c9 LED's next year. Thanks for any input.
  10. I could definitely make that work. Any idea on what type of relay and how to do it. That is something I haven't dealt with yet? Or is there another thread about it?
  11. I'll check out the links in the morning. I could easily do the bubbles periodically throughout the show. I had a feeling going non-stop was out of the question. Just so I know how often I could use it do you know approximately how long you can get from one fill? Also can you control the unit with an LOR channel? I want this to be as maintenance free as possible i.e. not waiting to push buttons. Is there a warm up time needed? the few units I started looking at needed some time before the bubbles would actually start to come out and if so, how do you circumvent this? Thanks.
  12. I'm contemplating buying a bubble machine for my display next year. I was wondering what brands people were using and how they performed. My main concern before buying one is how many times a night do I need to refill the bubble solution. I would like to be able to run it for five to six hours a night without refilling. Is this even possible. Don't really want to spend the money only to be disappointed with the results.
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