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  1. I am the one that started this thread. Well I felt it literally Sunday, pulled the plug out of the end of an ext. cord and got a little shock, from the male cord on the lor that I just out! Stange, must have been some power stored in there or mayby (can't remember) if the other side of the controller was plugged in or not, that is how the power got to me. I am better now, been having great weather, display is still a little behind, but looking decent and a BIG thanks to follow pc-er (who lives close) Earl Flannigan, who loaned me a couple controllers,some arches and some lights and gave me
  2. I have 3 lor controllers. I have had this problem off and on. The lights seem to come on randomly. I have not figured out why. Today I saw almost all of my lights on, so I started unplugging the controllers, when I pulled a plug and my hand touched the outlet male prongs of one of the lor controllers and I got a little shock. Did not fell like a full 120 volts, but kind of grabbed me. This is strange since it was the male prong that I had just pulled out of the female socket on the end of and ext cord that was providing the power. Maybe there was some power stroed in the controller? the ground
  3. I am the guy that started this thread. I still just can't get in the mood! I did get the mega 20 ft pole up and all the 4 colors of icle lights up. Trying to get myself started on everything else. Once I get going, it will be ok. getting colder now, so that makes it worse, but atleast it is starting to feel like Christmas and the stores are looking like it, which helps get me into the spirit. I have 48 lor channels, so not near as much as some of you have to deal with. have a mega tree, 16 minis, 5 arches, icles, a light curtain on the wall, some candy canes, candles and other misc items.
  4. Thanks everybody. As you can see, I am starting to go here everynight, so it is coming on a little. I was wondering if I would hear from you Earl. Thanks for the early Christmas present, already putting them to use. Yes I know you have already been pushing for me to do it. Our annual setup day at your place is coming as well. Oh and I saw in a reply from Bill that once you get some up and get started it will come. I did get all my icle lights up and dug the pole for the mega tree out, and you are right, it is helping to atleast have gotten started. Good news I only had to replace ma
  5. This will be my 6th year doing an animated display, that is if I can get in the mood. This is the first time since starting that I have had second thoughts. I just spent about 2 months setting up a haunted house and am running it every fri/sat all month, so that is taking a lot of energy out of me. I run my display in front of a radio station on a fairly busy highway, but I hardly see anyone driving through and hardly get any donations in my bin for a local charity. I know everyone says do it for yourself, but I have done it for myself and now I want people to appreciate all the hard wor
  6. Another one of my hobbies is carnival rides. I was on a used ride site and thought these electrical dist. boxes might be of interest. http://usedrides.com/ViewAd.aspx?Ad=11325&view=i
  7. To toot my own horn (that will make sense in a minute). I had a good idea. Been thinking of something neat to collect can goods. Had a brain storm. Make a train and have them drop it in the smoke stack. Kids will love it and you could mount a motion sensor inside so that when the can is droped in, a thank you sign comes on and maybe even make the train have lights that come on or even toot it's horn. Here is a cheap way to build it. I am not much of a builder, but I think the idea would be fairly simple. Get a big metal drum (like oil comes in or people use to burn trash), turn it on it's s
  8. I will try to tkae some Sat. as I will be putting the fianl touches on everything. That is always a good feeling when you have got everything just about done and you can count on your hands what is left to do and you are down to having just enough ext cords! Not sure exactly how to put my cell pics up though.
  9. Got mine up. Using an older blow mold set with everythng including the cow, donkey, wisemen and sheep and shepard. Got it at a flea market for 90 bucks. I used old pallets to build a back and top with 2 poles on each side holding the top up. Looks authentic with the aged wood. Not totally happy, but it will work.
  10. I realized after I made the post that I was still on nieghbor relations. Sorry about that. I have scrounged enough cords to be real close. May have to buy a few 100 footers and a few more short ones to do what I need. Walmart is a good place to buy the brown 15 footers, about 2.50 each. I actually made some from old cords that I had cut off of old appliances and things and had some ends that I had used the plug parts for, I actually threw away 3 vacume cleaners and used the male plugs from those! Now that si scrounging.
  11. Sound familiar? I have been buying 4 or so extension cords over the last few months and thought I would be set....WRONG! I have a line of 16 mini trees with 4 colors and a controller in the middle. That hogged them all. So now I have all but the greens done and still need cords to run out to parts of the static display and signs uggggh. Thinking about beeging, or borrowing, stealing is out of the question lol.
  12. Great idea! This kind of happened by accident for me this year. I needed an engineer for a radio station that I own, so I called the engineer at the local tv station and he had a guy that would like to do some contract work for me. Low and behold he was the only other person in miles (that we know of) that had a computerized display! I had seen a short story on tv about him a few years ago and when they said his name, I was like I have been wanting to talk to that guy anyway. I had been doing a display for the last 3 years using a dj light chaser, but this was my first year doing lor wit
  13. Don't mean to sound sissy, but that is one of the prettiest displays I have ever seen lol. Juast imagine what you will be able to do with computerized control. It looks great already!
  14. I did my fisrt sequence! Looks o.k. but nothing that is ground breaking. I know I saw it somewhere on here, but I am wondering about that effect done with a line of mini trees where it kind of chases real fast down the line leaving a blur or streak. I am sure it has something to do woth fading as you chase. When I tried the effect it looked bad, was too slow and the effect just did not work. I am using lor btw. Thanks.
  15. cool! I am not much of an artist lol. I will pass that along to my cuz, as I help him with a haunted barn every year. I just about have all the Holidays covered. btw Thanks again everyone. I bought some 3inch red stick on letters from Wallyworld. I have the backside of an old coro sign. I am going to try sticking them on there and see how that looks.
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