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  1. This is great. You spent a lot of time on this for sure. I"ll add it to my arsenal.
  2. Greetings PCers! I spent 25 years in Michigan then took a job in Minnesota for 1.5 years only to lose it in January. Well I'm happy to announce that after 200 days of unemployment I have accepted a job in Washington DC! How soon can I get back to designing my show now that I can afford it again!
  3. Living out of state is causing issues.. I am on my way back to town Friday night to begin setup on Saturday morning... still will go live on Black Friday.... Whoah! Am I behind?
  4. That's what I use. I use both 14/2 and 16/2 for all my snowflakes on the roof. It really depends on how big your wireframes are but you should be fine.
  5. Nice! Gotta love a good Friday joke. Can I leave work now?
  6. They will be out of the box but still wrapped up. No need to ship the cardboard.
  7. How many 100ct strands fit in a Large USPS Flat rate box? Anyone with any experience? http://www.usps.com/shipping/prioritymail.htm
  8. Do you still have a box? Can you take a picture of the Box and or the Clip?
  9. I'd be up for something. I'm in Eden Prairie.
  10. I checked Target today too. Did they have any extension cords in your Target store? I plan on getting all of my cords in after season sales as they have been the only ones to discount them due to branding them "HOliday Lights"... Thoughts?
  11. Red and Yellow really makes Orange in light form? I learned after hanging lights in 07 Red and Blue makes a cool purple!
  12. They had one this summer. I missed it.
  13. Greetings experienced Mega Tree pioneers! I am using 2 20A boards for my tree this year with the (DYC LOR) system. Right now I have the SSR's in a metal circuit breaker box but I don't know what to put the 20A boards in. I had visions of hanging the setup off of the pole itself to keep things neat and clean due to the Michigan winter. How are others mounting their boards and does anyone have experience hanging the 20A boards outside? Thanks!
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