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  1. This came out of a earlier post . It was posted today just before 8AM. I would suggest to look for it and read it completely... HOWEVER, should you decide to sell your sequence then you must license the music that you use and that means giving a share of your profit from the sale of your sequence to the writer/publisher. Yes, you have done a lot of work and that's why you get the lion's share of the profit. The amount you pay the licensor is miniscule. I have licensed with three businesses that sell sequences of "The House on Christmas Street": Light-O-Rama, WOWLights and Superstar Lights. All of them have purchased legal licenses from me, and all of them pay a very small fee per sequence sold. And when I say small, I mean you can't even buy a cup of coffee with it. And that's no matter how much they sell the sequence for! You could sell it for $100 and I would still get a tiny tiny tiny fraction of that per sequence sold. When I have stated this before on forums I got a storm of HATE messages, accusing me of being a money grubber trying to make money off from people's hobbies and USING decorators for fame and fortune. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am a full-time musician and my music is how I pay the bills. If someone is making money using my music then I am supposed to get paid. I really don't understand how anyone could have a problem with that, but some do. Also, I think I'm a really nice person and a good person and it hurts me to have people say those things about me.
  2. Coro in mt area is only about $15 for a 4x8 sheet. I would think that depending on the size, coro would be less $$$. I made a coro "tune to" sign with mini lights. Borrowed a projector to trace the drawing and mapped out the lights and used a "scratch awl" to make the holes. Worked great. Good luck on your project....
  3. In years past my daughter and I have had to travel outside our area to smaller WM stores to find lights. We normally plan a 75-100 mile one way trip to hit the smaller towns. I'm not fond of the box stores but I will do what I need to do for my Christmas display.
  4. Maybe try what Action Lighting has. Good luck http://www.actionlighting.com/Items.asp?Criteria=clip
  5. I've always bought mine from http://www.durapak.net/cable_tie_tie.htm I will normally purchase 6-8 1000 count bags of the 18lb ties at a time. It holds me for a while and allows me to give some away if any of my local PC friends are short.
  6. Most of my controllers are under my mini tree's. And as you can see, sometimes it works very well. Great protection from the weather and you don't even know it's there.
  7. I will start in a few weeks. Will get everything up high on the roof taken care of before the cooler days. We've had such a strange summer that I'm afraid it might be a rough winter.
  8. Missed out on that one:( The code expired two days ago on friday.............
  9. Doug, Thanks for making the drive. After hearing the time it took you, I will no longer complain about traveling over the pass....
  10. Thanks to everyone. Krystal, Roy, and myself really enjoyed the day, the workshop, and the weather. I've come to the conclusion I need to reseach DMX more to see if it's right for my show. Mark, Kevin, and everyone else it was nice meeting everyone. See ya next year or maybe sooner ...................
  11. My self, my daughter and a friend who helps us will be in town late Friday afternoon. The mini on Saturday then spending the night in North Bend with my sister. Can't wait for the fun........
  12. It's the same size as 100 count mini's use. Very small wire....
  13. Hello everyone, Since my daughter Krystal and I will be meeting everyone in less than a month, I thought I would mention this. When I "split" a 100 count wire string into 50 there was always that left over single wire. I found out that my daughters "STEM" high school (www.thedeltahighschool.com) has a tech teacher that can use our left over for building robots, lighting, and other projects. If anyone coming to the mini next month wanting to get rid of what they have laying around we would take it off your hands. Thanks again......
  14. Action Lighting ( http://www.actionlighting.com/ ) for me. Both the SPT2 wire and the vampire plugs. I've tried Lowes and HD wire. Never had much luck working with the vampire plugs. Seems I always had to remove a little insulation because it was just a hair too fat???
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