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    Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, USA
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    What else? ... Christmas lights and lighting, local school issues and politics (I served on a local school board)
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    Food manufacturing Plant Manager
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    I run a huge static display right now with several large wooden trains going around the yard. The largest is over 65' long an I hope to add another train this (09) year. Several large snowmen, soldiers, and baby snowmen amongst a forest of minitrees and dancing arches. I've got a passion for making things out of plywood so be prepared! LOL
  1. Welcome to PC! I have quite a few plywood cutouts in my display (two trains - one over 65' long) and I would like to add my 2 cents worth. I am not sure that i would like my cutouts sealed in w/ poly. I simply use the right paint (Menards - exterior grade trim paint, high gloss)and several coats of primer. I also seal all of the edges after cutting the patterns out. It makes the display piece stand up much better especially with the weather situation here (in Wisconsin ?!? please!). I haven't had to repaint anything for at least seven years unless I want to change out the lights, like n
  2. I am not sure of where exactly "Sam's Clubs" are/might be located but that is the best deal I have ever seen! Lat years prices were $13.44 (Am. $$) for 180 ct strings. They have a limited selection, only multi-colored and white but it's a start anyway.
  3. You know .....I used the 'fake' brick wall ( the stuff you buy at your local Menards or HD or Lowers, etc) attached to 1"x 3" wooden supports. You can then have a 'pre-fabbed' home (in my case ...'Train Station') to put up instead ...LOL. I really shouldn't laugh because that is just what I do every year and it's really fast. I use the foam sheets (2") for the roof, because it's light. Every thing folds up for storage, except for the base, in a small shed.
  4. I used 2" insulation from my local Menards then made a wooden frame to hold the sheets in place on the roof of my "Train Station" (similar to your ginger bread house theme, I suppose)
  5. Wow ...not use Menards lights... huh? I have to respectfully disagree with that statement! W/o Menards I wouldn't even have a display ... well maybe not that bad. I know what you mean by bad lights (several years ago) but recently ... no way! I prefer to think that it was just a bad case or two.
  6. How do and welcome to PC. This is the place to find all of your answers... that's for sure. i find stuff to add to my display every year just by going thru and looking at what everyone else is doing. You can go as 'green' (environmetally speaking ..not color wise..lol) as you want or can afford. My display is mostly static but I'm converting to LEDs as I go on. The best LED deals that I've been able to find, is at Sam's Club where you can buy a string of 180 m5 lights for about $15. These are only half wave I believe (check other columns for the differences). One note ... (I discove
  7. I agree with the majority of the opinions here ...plugged in ....to see what the display will look like when lit up. I also do the major additions to my display at night when no-one can see what's up. That not say that I don't have any(every)body walking by and asking about it though. LOL
  8. I've got a rahther large (6-8" across) strobe that sees to be malfunctioning. While it continues to "strobe", the "effects" seem to get tess and less. The is a speaker in the strobe to supply sound to the display as well. There is no external marking anywhere on this thing, so the rest of my information is brief... what could posibly be wrong?
  9. Tim ... would love to attend but my son has a football game this weekend (the playoffs) and as you said in another post... "the weather simply s***s around here as well. Hope you have a great turnout but w/o the Viking victory ... sorry about that ... lol ... but I have to remain tru to my roots. The weather hopes to pickup considerably next week... here's hoping!
  10. On my driveway arches I use 1 1/2" EMT conduit cut into 5' lengths. I pound them down into the ground about 1' to 18". Then the PVC pipes for the arches go on the top of them. While the first year I had them all tied up and re-anchored into the ground again, i found that I didn't need that much support. The EMT poles held up well. Other than cutting off the area that I hit with the sledge this has been my thoery for the last 5 yrs or so. (and I holding to it! LOL)
  11. Hey everyone (although I'll bet I'm too late with all of you guys ...LOL) HD offered a discount of $3 off any nonworking satrand of lights On November 5, The Home Depot begins its second annual Eco Options Christmas Light Trade In event. Customers can bring in their old working or non-working holiday light strings to be recycled and receive a $3 off coupon towards the purchase of energy efficient seasonal light-emitting diodes (LED) string lights. Customers must purchase their new LED lights between November 5 and November 15 and are limited to five redemptions. This event will also be
  12. Count me in as well!!! I had a long period of recovery from several heart attacks and a broken ankle, so work was .... .... oh well, at least I was covered by insurance anyway. I will gladly contribute!
  13. I'm sorry to be the vote of dissent here but REALLY folks...... The 24/7 news 'teams', in their all-consuming, lust to be the biggest , baddest, brightest, whatever-est, star of them all, seems to me to be the bigger part of the problem. If we weren't so devoted to our computers and the internet , would we have even heard about this before the 'possible' hoax (and I'm not saying that the family 'planned' the whole thing) came undone? Probably not, I think. I just hope that the child isn't truly harmed by all of this foolishness decending down upon his head.
  14. I've got a pine tree in my backyard that I use twinkling Icicle lights on ...makes it look like snow on the tree... looks pretty good too (even if it is me saying it ...lol).
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