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  1. Just a reminder that the registration for the 2011 Carolina Convention in Raleigh, NC will end Thursday, Sep 22, 2011 at 12 noon. Tickets are still available. http://carolinaconventionraleigh.eventbrite.com/
  2. The 2011 Carolina Christmas Convention that was scheduled for August 27, 2011 has been rescheduled for Sep 24, 2011 (due to Hurricane Irene). The Triangle Area Synchronized Lighting Group (TASL) is sponsoring this year's convention in Raleigh, NC. Tickets are still available. Judy Pancoast will perform at the convention her hit song "The House on Christmas Street". We have excellent presenters and several topics planned as well as other entertaining weekend events which will quality as a nice family weekend too. Denny has a houseboat trip planned for the Friday before and other fun things wi
  3. The next Triangle Area Synchronized Lighting (TASL) meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 1pm at Ridge Road Baptist Church in Raleigh. Details are here: http://www.christmascarolina.com/forums/showthread.php/652-Next-Triiangle-Area-Syncronized-Lighting-%28TASL%29-Meeting If you would like to present on a topic please contact me. The event is not limited to Triangle area people only. Thanks, Al
  4. I'm sorry you can't make it Carl. It will be fun. Mel W. is exhibiting his flame "throwers" and D-Light graciously loaned us a Servo8 board and Firefly as well as all of the support stuff. This will be a good meeting. The first (actually the second) of many to come. Al Here is the agenda thread on ChristmasCarolina http://christmascarolina.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91
  5. Ok we are working on our agenda. We plan to discuss RGB, servos, DIY, high power SSRs. In addition, Mel W. will have his LOR controlled flame display. It will be a hot time. Here is the link: http://christmascarolina.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91
  6. We are setting up an agenda now. If anybody wants to present or show off your latest decoration then post it on the ChristmasCarolina forum. It is difficult trying to keep up with several forums and we are only updating that forum. Let's have a really good meeting. Al
  7. If you are anywhere near the Raleigh area let's get together on July 25th. I am trying to pick a time that would accommodate everybody. Currently that looks like 2pm at my church's fellowship hall. If you know of a better place PM me or post here. We had a get together before Christmas last year and it was fun. William Bottomley has provided us with a brand new website just for us Carolina people (thank you William) . As he mentioned in another thread it is called ChristmasCarolina.com. The details for the get together will be posted there. We have so many people in the Raleigh/Triangl
  8. Hey Brad, I don't know where you can buy just the arm, but here is the motor assembly with the arm. There are 3 types. Al http://www.britestar.com/sections.asp?SID=3600005
  9. I have not used this fog machine, but here is a link to a coupon to save 50% on it. Al http://www.michaels.com/coupons/1000thstore/coupon.html
  10. I will personally vouch for him. I bought all of the minis from this gentleman. He sold the lot to me because he didn't have to ship them which made perfect sense to me. Our transaction went off flawlessly. In fact, he went out of his way to help me. I'll bet he was inundated with PMs. Al
  11. The 500ft spool of SPT-2 wire that I ordered from Americord arrived today. It was a little late getting here but it did get here. This spool was actually the second spool sent to me. The first spool never made it. For some reason Americord had UPS return the first spool that was sent to me. The wire seem to be of good quality and is spooled nicely too. I give Americord two thumbs up. The grand total cost was $50.25 for the wire and $15.22 shipped to NC . I hope I bought enough. Al
  12. I ordered 500 ft of SPT-2 18ga today. My shipping to NC was around $15 too. The total was $65.47 including shipping. Their webpage says $0.15 per ft but when I called the Americord sales office and asked if they had a discount code for quantities over 250 ft. The sales office gave me discount code 8421 which I put in the box near the bottom of the order form. I initially had some trouble using the code, but when I refreshed the page and entered the code again it worked. It saved me $24.75. The code doesn't fully take off $25 but it was close enough. I will make another post when I recei
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