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  1. Depending on how bad it is, I have used sail repair tape to successfully repair inflatables. If you search amazon.com for "sail repair tape" you will get several options -- may be cheaper elsewhere, but readily available. Good luck!
  2. Anybody have an affordable source for bulk candy canes? My wife is looking to purchase 2,000 6" candy canes for an elementary school PTO project. I have contacted Spangler Candy and Kencraft, but have not heard back. I was also going to try the local Walmart. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  3. Have you considered dry ice? Check out this link: http://www.dryiceinfo.com/fog.htm
  4. Chris are these still available? My kids would love to add these to our decorations if they are. We are in Woodbury. Let me know. Thanks, Ken
  5. Think Memorial Day decorations, not July 4th. You might get some stuff on sale in a couple of weeks. Good Luck!
  6. Thank you for the info on hanging the Meteors upside down -- it should work for what I am thinking. Now I need to determine how many. Also, sorry to hear about your troubles with the group buy. I am not an attorney, but I have been told by our company's attorneys in the past that in order to protect a trademark it must be noted with the "TM" whereever it is used. I checked what could be the websites you were referring to and saw no mention of a trademark anywhere regarding the "LED Snow****" or "Snow**** LED". So I think whoever is harrassing you may be in the wrong here. IMHO. Any le
  7. Would it be possbile to have the tubes made with a hole at the bottom cap also? I would like to hang some of the tubes upside down for a different effect I am visualizing. Don't know how it would work.
  8. Has anyone tried one of these? http://www.garrettwade.com/product.asp?pn=41B03ddd01&bhcd2=1233960103 The price doesn't seem too bad if it works!
  9. I found a way to locate which Walmart stores may still have lights. It worked for me last night -- found 2 Walmarts that still had some according to Walmart.com and scored about 30,000 for about $150 including about a dozen boxes of LED's for $0.70:cool:. I searched Walmart.com for commercial lights - should get the following http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10136037 then typed in ZIP CODE and clicked find in store -- sure enough 2 stores came up. I went after work and was very happy -- it sure beats wasting time driving to all the local Walmarts only to be d
  10. Local Walmart went to 90% overnight , no good lights left, but I did get five sets of the large inflatable Christmas Ornaments that I wanted for a total of $20 --originally $40 each set -- I call that a good score. Now off to other Walmarts!
  11. You could plug in a timer between the switch and the light/alarm to shut off after a whatever time you think is necessary. Only draw back is you would then need to reset the timer and the switch, unless you get really fancy with stuff that could do it automatically. I had a lighted Happy Holidays banner stolen off a tree this past season (in addition to other stuff) but I think a trip wire set-up with strobes and and alarm on a timer connected directly to a new banner might be handy! Might be just enough to scare away the theives before they actually get away with anything? Definitely o
  12. A bunch of PCer's got 50 foot 12ga cords for $14.95 with free shipping from overstockdeals.com last fall I think it was, don't remember exactly and they sold out quickly, but I was lucky enough to get 6 or them!
  13. Chris: Sorry to hear that, I hope things improve as the year goes along. If things change please post on this thread. I know for the last PLUS I didn't sign up until a couple of weeks before, because my wife was having some medical issues during the first half of 2007, fortunately she got over them and insisted that I go to PLUS -- how cool is that? Ken
  14. This may be a dumb question, but did you make sure all of the zippers were zipped? I had one I bought at Target a year or two ago and it wasn't working right, it took me 2 days to find a 4th zipper where I didn't expect it - once I closed that it worked perfectly! Good luck.
  15. Any people from Connecticut headed to Kentucky for PLUS? How about setting a time and place to meet-up while we are there? Ken
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