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  1. Hi Chris... I have 28 treees like yours, some are 2' and some are 3'. I use coat hangers about 7" long on each leg. I have been doing this for the past 6 years and have never hed one blown over.I stake them down with contrasting angles. Bob
  2. Hi... Welcome to the best Christmas site on planet Earth. Ask and you will receive. We are almost neighbors, I live 45 miles south of you. Bob
  3. Hi Kev... I am interested, but I need time to check my blow molds before I place an order. Bob
  4. Hi... All blow molds should come like this. It would save storage space. Bob
  5. Hi... I think they got frozen to the sleigh seat on his last trip. Bob
  6. Hi... Didn't someone want to know how to make a Flying Saucer? Bob
  7. Hi Frank... What a fantastic find! I would be in heaven if I found half that much. Could you tell me how to find about that 100 mile garage sale for next year? I am addicted to sales of this nature and would love to add it to my agenda. Bob
  8. Recently I purchased 5 blow molds from Chuck Forkner which were to be shipped in2 boxes to my local Greyhound station. Chuck had to go out of his way to finalize the shipment after a few e=mails back and forth between us, When I got there, much to my dismay, neither box would fit in my back seat or in my trunk. Since my car is the only vehicle I have at my disposal I had to do some thinking. I opened up both boxes and decieded that if I unpacked them I could get the molds in my back seat and in my trunk. It worked out OK so I crammed all of the packing in and around the molds, broke down the boxes and put them on top of the molds in my back seat. No blow mold was left behind. So now I have 5 more molds to add to my collection. So thank you Chuck for all of your efforts to finalize our deal. I know I will not hesitate to deal with you again. Bob
  9. Hi Buddy... I am from Planet Christmas and I am interested in your blow mold sale. Please forward your address information. Do you have a list of what molds are availasle and the prices? I want to be sure to bring enough cash. Please reply to [email protected] Thank you...
  10. Hi Carrie... It sounds like you could use the new invention I am wdrking on. I call it the Littlle Big Shed. Basically it looks like an ordinary shed but it has walls and roofs inside of the walls and roof. As you run out of storage room all you do is pull out the inside walls and the roof until you have enough space. Unfortunatly I am lacking both in time and money to complete my design. Do you think there is a sufficient market for my invention? Bob
  11. Hi Steve... Or should I say Hi Neighbor. I live about 45 miles south of Rochester so I face the same weather conditions as you. I also use about a mile of extension cords and I use 7 Digital light Show boxes and 9 timers. None of my connections lie in standing water and I do not cover any of my connections. My show has been going on for 19 years and I do not have any issues with my electrical connections. I hope this helps you with your inquiry. May your stay with your new family be long and productive...Bob
  12. Hi Javerill... I have added your name to my Friend list. Bob

  13. Hello Little Miss Christmas... I extend my sincere welcome to our youngest member from the oldest member. In case you don't know I am 80 years old. Sometimes I feel like 10 years old, sometimes I act like 10 years old, but mostly I feel and act like 80 years old. I hope your Christmas spirit lasts forever. Bob
  14. Hi... I would be interested in 20 of the cords. Let me know the whole cost, including shipping to zip 14437 and I will mail you a check. I will be tied up for about a week so don't lose hope if I do not reply immediately. Bob
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