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  1. It has been said several times...but THANK YOU to Carrie, Dave and Dean. You allowed us to come in and take over. Dave - you need a medal of some sort for putting up with all of us and all of our stuff. Now you can turn the music up! Carrie, you were a fantastic hostess. You were mindful of the needs of all your guests and it showed! Dean - thank you for putting up with all of your Mom's crazy Christmas Friends! Hope that guitar works out for you. This was my first mini and I had a great time - (minus the migraine that sent me back to the room early). Thank you to all of the
  2. I would also love to see some pics. Last year for Christmas, my husband gave me the complete 2007 Village from Lowes. All 30+ structures, trees, people, lamp posts, Mega Trees...the works. I would love to get some idea of the best way to display this fantastic village.
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