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  1. Do you have a link to some pictures of the band project you built a few years back?  We are wanting to do something similar.

  2. The one I use is with the Manhiem Steamroller song Stille Nichte(spelling). I got it from someone on here. He e-mailed me the file. I do animate, but mine is not traditional animation. I do a Z Tree to the music with Linus in the middle of the song.
  3. I use Linus telling the story from Charlie Brown Christmas. It works out great for our display.
  4. A few years ago, I did the light and sounds of Christmas hack. Now I am using LOR channels and need to free up some channels. My question is will the LOR unit work with the LOR without burning it up?
  5. I found these at a local resale shop, would they work for you?
  6. We are looking to change or "shake" things up a little. I am in search of ideas for our display that are different, quirky,or just odd for our next display. Anyone have some ideas? Jeremy
  7. I liked yours. Here is mine.... https://www.facebook.com/ganesfamily.christmasdisplay?ref=tn_tnmn
  8. I know that a regular 150ct string has .51 amps. Does a 150ct multi function string have the same amp load? Jeremy
  9. This is where I got all of my Rudolph characters from. http://www.coloriez.com/coloriage-rudolph-le-renne-au-nez-rouge.html Jeremy
  10. This is my Bumble. Sorry It's dark, but it's the only pic I could find.
  11. I have lost the version of Mannheim Steamrollers Stille Nacht (Silent ***ht) with Linus telling the Christmas Story. Does anyone have a mp3 version of this? Thank you, Jeremy
  12. I tried to find you on FB, but there are too many Andy Andersons. Here is a link to my Chstmas Display on FB http://www.facebook....100002515177166 , or search for Ganes-Family-Christmas-Display. We too have many cutouts that we have made, and are always looking to add more. TTCD, Your cutouts are AWESOME!!! The Christmas Story ones are GREAT!!! I would have never thought about doing that. Send us a Friend Request, we would love to exchange ideas!!! Jeremy
  13. I have several cutouts I put on the roof every year. I built wood frames for them, I even have a couple that have multiple cutouts on 1 frame. I go to a local tire store and get an old innertube. Cut the inner tube to fit the part that sits on the roof, for grip. I also get sandbags and paint them with cheap flat black spray paint. Set 1 bag on each cutout (the larger ones take 2).
  14. I am having trouble writing a quick sequence. Every time i hit the view wave form button I get an Audio Analysis Error that says suscript out of Range. What am I doing wrong? and How do I fix it?
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