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  1. I want to outline my roof line with red and green C9 lights. The red on one channel and the green on another channel, and make them chase across the roof. When I try to do this on the sequence editor it looks like the lights are just blinking back and forth instead of chasing. How do I sync this to get the chasing effect?
  2. Had a great time at the OK mini. Enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks to Greg and his family for opening their home and making everyone feel welcome. Am already looking forward to next year. Tom, I found Annalisa in the crowd picture but I couldn't find me. Must have been when I was in eating.
  3. Tom Got my calander marked, map printed out and am ready to go. Now its just a long two week wait. Looking forward to it. Ron
  4. I want to run my lights static between shows and play some soft music in the background and maybe make my "courtesy announcements" then. I thought I would set up a musical sequence to do this unless someone has a better way. My question is; is there recommended limit to the length of time a channel should be left on? I'm using LOR. Thanks Ron
  5. Gonna have to build one of those. I've struggled for several years trying to find a good way to store my icicle lights without tangles and still keep them hanging straight. I think you've some up with a great solution. Thanks!
  6. thefilmmaker91 What I did was hang balled strings of lights on the wall opposite my desk, one string for each channel in the color I'm using on that channel. These aren't placed in any particular order, all I was after was what the color combinations looked like and get the timing right. I just had to remember what light represented what area on the house and in the yard. For my mega tree I built a scaled down model ( 6' tall) with the same channel configuration and colors as the full sized tree. This made it a whole lot easier to program. I hope this is clear and I have not confused you to much!:?
  7. keepCHRISTinchristmas wrote: Construction was quite simple really. Just a 6' pole on a 2X4 frame and a 3' diameter pvc ring. It has 24 channels; 8 slices with 3 colors each; clear, red and green. Each channel is one string of 100 lights, 24'9" long, so one string goes from the bottom to the top. hooked on 'S' hooks,back down to the bottom,up to the top and back downagain. So there's 4 strings per channel. It's a little wobbly. It works OK inside the house but would need to be considerably stronger for outdoors. Can't wait to get the full sized tree built out in the yard, but at least this way I can watch my lights all year and not bother the neighbors, wife.etc. Hope this answers some of your questions. Let me know if you have more - thats why we're all here. Ron
  8. Tom I'm still planning on being there May 17th. I'd love to be there for your pre-party Fri. night, but with my work schedule I don't see how I can do both. I'd like to see your set up at Bricktown- maybe some other time. Looking forward to the OK-Mini though. Ron
  9. Bill Just logged on to your web site and looked at your display- that is awesome. I have thought of building a scale model of my house and yard with lights, but then I'd have two displays to setup and take down every holiday (christmas,halloween ,4th of July and maybe easter next year).
  10. It tried using the LOR visualizer to synchronize my mega tree but couldn't get it to look right. So I built a 6' mini-mega tree in my office. It turned out pretty cool and made timing the lights and seeing what the final result was going to look like a whole lot easier. Has anyone else tried this or am I the only one?
  11. Valerie Love your penguin cutout. We have a section of our yard we call the north pole and that penguin would fit in great. I did some plywwod cutouts several years ago. It might fun to try somemore again. You've given me some more ideas. Now more work to do- good thing it's only March. Ron
  12. Mark I'm planning using either 1 1/2 or 2" steel pipe for the center pole with some sort of base to mount 2 controllers on. My concern with using PVC is that it gets britle when cold. Then guy the whole thing down with steel cable. Wind is not really a problem, but last year we had a bad ice storm just before Christmas that tore down practically my whole display. Hopefully this won't happen again, but I would rather over-engineer, just in case. As for mounting my controllers inside the tree; I haven't decided definatly yet to do this. I would like to hear others thoughts. Ron
  13. Circus4you Thanks for the Quick reply. I was leaning towards raising the lower hoop above the ground because the ground is slightly sloped and thought it might be easier to make it look like the tree is not leaning. Hadn't thougt of the idea with the tees and rebar. Good idea! Thanks! Ron
  14. I'm planning my first mega tree for next christmas and have a question. I've found lots of information here on how to hang the lights on the top, but not much on the bottom. My tree will be 12 feet tall with a 6 foot diameter base. I'm thinking 1) stake the light strings directly to the ground; 2) build some sort of a hoop( pvc) staked to the ground and tie the light strings to that, or; 3) take the same hoop and raise it a foot or so above the ground to tie the lights to. Is any method preferable over another and if so; why? I'm open to any other suggestions too! Thanks; Ron
  15. Do you still have the bear? If so, how tall is he?
  16. Ed_Faranda wrote: Ed Watched your videos and thought your flag was the best looking I've seen so far. Wondered if you would consider sharing some information on how you built it.
  17. JonB Thanks for the description and drawing of your snowflakes. That's basically the same idea I had. It's nice to know that someone had the same idea. Make's me feel better about my own plans. I like the idea of the ring around the outside for radial strength- good idea; I hadn't thought of that. Last year I had I had a few snowflakes on the roof and wanted to add some more, but didn't want to pay the $20.00 each that I paid last year. I thought that building might be more more cost effective and I think you've confirmed that. Thanks again, Ron
  18. I'd like to to see the snowflakes after you get them built. I havebeen considering doing the same thing for my roof but haven't decided yet how to build them. Any ideas you can offer as to size, shape, pattern, construction details, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron PS: Just watched your video of "Blue Christmas", very nice-I like it.
  19. I made a pond with blue lights and clear twinkling lights. Surrounded it with spiral trees and deer wireframes. Looked real nice, kind of a woodland scene. Ron
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