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  1. I have eleven trees; one pecan, one maple and nine hackberry. They all range from about 40' to 60' high and 1' to 3' in diameter. I've always wrapped the trunks up as high as I can reach which is about 12' to 14'. They always look good, but it sure is a lot of work. I hate not to use them in the display at all because they would leave a big "black hole" in the yard and cover up some of the other display elements. I would like to get some color on them to get them to blend in with the rest of the display and wondered if floodlights might be an option.
  2. Anyone use floodlights to light up their trees instead of wrapping? Every year I wrap eleven trees with mini's and its the part I always dread the most-putting up and tearing down. I'm trying to get about the same look without all the work and wondered how floods would look.
  3. I got a sugar high just reading that. Sounds good. I'm gonna have to try it.
  4. I'm planning to enlarge my mega tree and switch to LED lights this year. I'm looking at 5mm, 5m and c6 lights and am confused as to what the difference is. I know what the difference is in shape, but what the brightness and overall look from about 50 ft away? My question is: what is the preferred light for a mega tree? 20 ft; 32 strings each of red, green and white; 8 channels.
  5. Didn't know where to post this, but thought its plastic, so why not in the blowmold section. I just got a little tykes playhouse and wanted to add it to my Christmas display and looking for ideas. Does anyone have any pictures of how you decorated yours? Thanks
  6. I think Micheals carries clear lights on white wire. They call them wedding lights.
  7. I threw a sheet over my mini trees and put a jack-o-lantern blow mold over the top. This became my syncronized, dancing ghosts. For Christmas all I did was pull off the blowmold and sheet and my mini trees were ready to go.
  8. I've used mine for rour years. It's saved me a ton of work not to mention the number of strings its saved from the scrap heap. It doesn't work as good as a buzz box (which I can't afford right now) but for the money can't be beat.
  9. I've seen a lot of references of keeping both sides of an LOR controller balanced; but never any explaination why. Is it really that important to keep the two sides balanced and how far off does it have to be to be considered out of balance?
  10. Saw some at Garden Ridge last week. Don't know how many lights they had but they were 6' tall. On sale for $20.00.
  11. We went to see a local display last night. We parked across the street next to a diveway that had orange cones in front of it to keep people from blocking the driveway. While we were watching the show an SUV parked in front of the driveway running over the cones and then stopped there and watched the show with their headlights shining right in our eyes. Some people are clue less about common courtesy and some people are just jerks.
  12. I went through the same thing my first year, then again my second year, and the third, and now again on my forth year. Every year the sequencing gets better but I can still see where there is room for improvement-so yes, I am my own worse critic. The thing is, just enjoy what you have done now and look forward making it even bigger and better next year.
  13. RVOIGT

    Led Questions

    I have a six foot Santa wireframe I want to re-string with LEDs in three colors. Can I swap out or splice in sections of different colors bulbs on an LED string to get the colors where I want them? I know about the rules for shortening incan light strings, but do these same rules apply to LED strings too?
  14. Depending on the size of the wireframe I use either 3/16 or 1/4 inch. For smaller wireframes the 3/16 works fine and its eisier to work with (bend). Those are also the most common sizes of wireframe light clips.
  15. I thought the lead only caused cancer if you lived in California.
  16. I have an outdoor outlet mounted on the side of my house. That outlet branches off to another outlet in the yard and then that one branches off to another outlet in another part of the yard. None of this is GFCI protected. To add GFCI, do I need to change all three outlets to GFCI outlets or just the first one in line?
  17. I have 14 songs ready for this years show. Is this to many for one show or would it be better to break them up in two different shows and play them on different nights? Traffic has never been a problem and I don't look for it to be this year either.
  18. Just curious- what are you doing that you need 6 or 7 cat 5 cables through one conduit?
  19. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I've been a smoker myself for 45 years. Its hard trying to quit, even after seeing what my dad went through, but I'm taking it day by day. We've decided to not do a full display this year but maybe a small "token" static display instead. No one seems to be able to get to enthused to do much. I also lost my brother in June, so this whole year has been kind of a downer for the whole family. But we plan on hittting the ground running on next years displays for Halloween and Christmas, and hope that next year will be better.
  20. "I try to focus on the 'happy' part of it, nothing gory or scary, no cemetary just a bunch of goofy smiling molds trying to act as scary as they can." Now thats the direction I was wanting to take in my halloween display. Yours looks great. Love it!
  21. I have several wireframe reindeer that I've disconnected the motor from because it takes so much power to run them and you cant see the head moving from the street anyway. I hadn't thought of using the motors for animating something else. I think your tombstone is a great idea and may have to build something like that for next Halloween. Thamks!
  22. This message is not really Christmas related other than the fact that Christmas will be very sad for me and my family this year. My dad died Thursday morning after suffering with COPD for the last two years. The biggest cause of COPD is smoking. I'm not posting this so much for sympathy, but as encouragement for anyone who smokes to quit now. Quitting smoking I know is hard, but not as hard as what he had to suffer through. He has been on oxygen 24/7 and has always struggled to breathe, something most of us take for granted and don't even think about. So if you don't smoke, don't start; if you have already quit, good for you; but if you still smoke, please quit now, not only for you but for your loved ones too.
  23. Disney: I've been following your thread on you pumkin arch and like the idea. I've thought about doing two shows; one that covers the whole yard (about 1/2 acre) before Halloween and a second one for Halloween night with your pumpkin arch idea up closer to the front door with outdoor speakers. That may not happen this year because of the time element. Darlene: Now that is funny! Tom: Now you've got my head spinning with all kinds of good, new ideas. Thanks
  24. I don't know how much heat these controllers generate- I've always left mine out in the open. The plastic boxes also seal up pretty tight. Condensation may also be a problem without some sort of ventilation. Just a thought.
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