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  1. Good news for anyone going to PlanetChristmas Expo. I will be doing a drawing for a free copy of MADRIX Start ($500 value) at the end of my MADRIX class. The class will cover beginner and advanced features. I will also be showing off the new 3.0 version!
  2. GMAC - the voting was on the Facebook page. Design #1 was the winner. On a side note, if anyone want to buy a generic shirts (no HolidayRoad logo) let me know. Minimum order is 100 units at $9 each. Yes I know not super cheap, but if a few groups want to go in on some let me know. Deadline to order is September 21st. BTW our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/holidayroadlights
  3. I have placed an animated graphic on the HolidayRoad web site of this year's proposed shirt. If you are interest in getting one contact Special Olympics Area 12 at [email protected] Tentative price is $15 for one, $25 for two plus shipping. Shirts will not ship until mid November. But you can get a pre order in. http://holidayroadlights.com/tshirt.html Brad Boyink
  4. It's not projection. I'm using 37.5mm LED video screens. The screen is only about 2" thick and is 4' (w) x 6' (h). The screens are not in the windows, they are attached to the front porch rails. Very cool effect, but not cheap.
  5. You can always come to HolidayRoad Light Show in Michigan. We get National coverage every year and huge crowds and even have an area you can sell your merchandise. We have the capability to run live performances. Plus we could also run your video on the huge LED screens as you are singing. www.holidayroadlights.com wwww.facebook.com/holidayroadlights
  6. Yesterday something very special happened that made me realize how special our community of craze light people is. Many of you may know me as the guy behind HolidayRoad, a 14 house computerized display that is just insanely complex with over 1500 LOR channels and 60 DMX universes. This show has been my pride and joy for 6 years. Back in March I announce that I was moving to my dream house on Lake Michigan and that I was looking for a new location but odd were that the show not going to return. The public was stunned and every newspaper, TV, and several radio station in West Michigan picked
  7. I have had lots of people ask me if I had of the really cool EQ shirts left. Well the answer has been no, but we will have a new design this year! Here is a link to the proposed design: Click Here --> http://holidayroadli.../2011shirt.html 100% of the proceeds will go to Special Olympics. The shirts are free with a $15 donation (and yes you will receive a slip to write it off). They will be available from the Special Olympics of Michigan web page mid November. Feedback is welcome. -Brad
  8. We introduced these at the Planet Christmas Expo and they were a bit hit. The SnowVision Flare tube is an 1m (3.2 feet) RGB tube controlled by DMX. They link end to end and 11 tubes is one DMX512 universe. They are perfect for roofs and/or outlining. They are built to architectural grade; IP65 weather proof, UV protected covers and lead wires, sealed plugs, etc. They can be stacked horizontal or vertical. I even have special stackable frames being made to make them easy to put up and take down. These tubes are compatible with MADRIX and the new LOR S3 RGB auto sequencer. The video shows
  9. Ok being someone who uses MADRIX all the time I thought I would download and play with the software you posted the link to. The two programs are very different. MADRIX is a real-time package that have very advanced effects that can be layered and controlled by music. You can quick stitch between effects and have them react live to music. You can not do this LED-Edit. I think one of the misconceptions you have is MADRIX only support DMX. This in not true. Just about everything is supported. Yes it is expensive, but what is your time worth and how advance of effect do you want? LED-Edit c
  10. Looking for a very bight RGB flood that can be controlled via DMX? If so the new SnowVision RGB Flood is the answer. It is incredible bright and has a 16.7 million color range. How bright? I lit up my two story house from only 25 feet away and the entire front side was lit up like daylight. Even more amazing is it's only 3 feet long and 1 inch wide! Take a look at the video below for an example of how powerful it is. Selling price is $250 and I'm taking pre-orders now. Will have several in stock by mid August. You can get them at www.ComputerizedLighting.com Enjoy and let me know what
  11. Sorry forgot to set it up as a link. You can now click on it. -Brad
  12. During my class "So your show has become big, now what?" I mentioned that I would share my application for charities to apply. The link below will bring you to my application. Feel free to copy it and use it for your needs. www.holidayroadlights.com/application.php -Brad Boyink
  13. I just bought for myself 2000 pixels for $.55 a piece. They are not for resell but if anyone needs help importing I would glad to help. But that's were it stops. I have no desire to offer them as a product line. If you get me some of the companies your are interested in I would be more than happy to have my logistics company in China contact them and look into a bulk purchase. Work it amongst yourself and get back to me. -Brad
  14. It appears was was misinformed about this, thus making a statement I made incorrect. I offer my apologies for that. I would like to make it clear I have no ill will towards mrpackerhead, nor do I think he has any towards me, we are just looking at things from different view point. And there is nothing wrong with that. I didn't mean to get back off subject. I just felt it was important to apologize. Now back on subject, my goal is to try and make things easier. I know it's not the cheapest solution, and DIY people can could make them for less. But I also understand that many do not like
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