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  1. ta - would that not make a perm connection though? I want to be able to take apart again so I can put back in loft. Otherwise total length is 15 ft.
  2. or failing that in the USA? MUst be someone who's seen one.
  3. Anyone know where I can get of these in the UK? Itis the female part of a screw connector to join the reindeers to the sleigh in my rope light sleigh and reindeer a bit got wet last year and burnt out so I want to cut it shorter and rejoin. thanks Ben
  4. ta - sorry bit of a newbie (and I did a search and none the wiser) what is MHD?
  5. Evening all Does anyone know of a Gemmy supplier that ships to GB / UK. I love the stuff buyinflatables.com sell but they ship to US only. thanks Ben (looking to branch out into Halloween this year)
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