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    There all good!!
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    Southern Oregon, USA
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    Just a simple handyman,
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    Christmas lights, fishing, R/C vehicles
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    Wife and I manage a RV / Mobile home park
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    After 9 years now I'm slowing down a bit. This year 2015 may be my last year for a over the top display. I still have 8 LOR box's controlling about 40,000 lights.
  1. nicely done it gives it a deep, depth kind of feeling when looking at it.
  2. Hey Drain I'm ready to go. should flip the switch sat night. Boy there wasn't a lot of chit chat this year, i guess everybody was busy trying to get things done.. Best wishes for this years display, have a great Christmas season... Dave
  3. Just down loaded it. What listing is it under I cant seem to find even the forum page. Not quite sure how to connect.
  4. Theres a thread on the main page that deals with security and keeping things safe, it has a ton of suggestions
  5. Yes they are Red and White with white wire. You guys can have any ideas you want. I taken quite a few over the years. Thanks for the kind words. Best wishes in the new year.
  6. I would like to be the first to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody at PC. It's the gift that keeps giving all year long. God Bless!!!
  7. Candy canes are 4" pvc. I just used there elbows a made the curve, they are very easy to make. They are attached to the archway with bungee cords. I never stoped to take photo's of the building process I'll take some of the disassembly if that would help? Let me know.
  8. I'm right there with you. I ended up doing the same thing so far tonight its holding up, will see.
  9. Darin I would like to do the same, It would be fun to see what other light crazed people are doing. The videos are cool to watch but it's not like being there thats for sure. Well talk to you soon.
  10. I've never had great numbers here. Some times I'll get six or seven cars at the same time, most of the time its a few here or there. It will get busy closer to Christmas just be patient they will come.
  11. There are plenty of DVR recording devices out now for very little money. I started out using harbor freight color cameras for 29.99 ea they have RCA jacks you can plug right into a TV set or a VCR and TV combo. By the way Welcome to PC
  12. Paul glad things are going well. I started mine tonight too. So far so good! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  13. Dale did you get the sequence from anybody yet? I have a one for ya if you still need it. Mine is with 224 channels if thats OK. I just have to figure out how to send it, I never sent one before. Edit: Dale sorry I just looked at mine after I sent you this and mine was edited from the movie, sorry. I have the song and really like it, I thought I replaced mine with voodoo daddy but sorry I didn't. good luck hope you find it.
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