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  1. Last January I was at Walmart checking out was was left of the holiday stuff this is when it was at 90% off. As you can imagine all that was left was the odd ball one or two boxes of lights left. As I was circling the whole department there on a top shelf as far as you could get from the lights were 20 spools of 15' multi color led rope light. Of course I bought them all, but I have no idea what to use them for. The only thing I can think of is when I finally make my train I could use it to outline the track. So what would you do with 250' of multi led rope light?
  2. I was in Target last night they had all their summer type patio garden lights on clearance 70% off. The had some Incan clear rope light and lots of other stuff. Just a heads up you might be able to repurpose some of it.
  3. Thank you for the tips. I'm going to attempt the repair in the link. Thanks Robert Thank you also BigDPS i will also make a dimmer switch Should also cut down on the power consumption which will be an added bonus.
  4. I strung 15' sections end to end so Merry is made of three lengths . It would'nt be able to do just one letter. I wish I could .
  5. Three years ago I built a 15'x32" Merry Christmas sign. It came out awesome if I say so myself . After only the second season two one foot sections went out. I'm pretty sure there is nothing that can be done to get these sections relit? Is this correct? My question is if they can't be fixed can I purchase one foot sections of incandescent rope light to fill in the burnt out areas? I'd really hate to tear down all the work I had done and start a new one. Thanks for any input.
  6. Do any of the group buy's going on here have green LED nets? If not can someone point me to where I can purchase them . Thank you
  7. Does anyone happen to have 8 boxes of the Phillips LED G40's in white or clear sold at Target? I picked up 8 boxes of red hoping to find 8 boxes of white or clear ,but was unable to do so. If I can't find 8 boxes of the white or clear I may sell off the red if someone is interested?
  8. Anyone have any background on maker or when produced? Is this a true blowmold? http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Vintage-Plastic-Lighted-Christmas-Decoration-22-5700305.html
  9. Hey Chris, Where near 691 do you live? I use that road every day to go back and forth to work. Ron

  10. Never scene that candle before. http://www.shopgoodwill.com/listings/listByCat.asp?catID=18&ending=Items&orderby=itemEndTime&page=10
  11. This posting reminds me I have quite a few candy canes I need to take apart and replace some bulbs. I'm guessing it's probably more trouble than they are worth. Did you get what you needed?
  12. I like the warmth incandesent bulbs give off , but it's hard to argue with the utillity cost savings and not to mention not having to add a second electrical service on my house . I can live with LED's just fine.
  13. Really nice. I want one
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. My first thought was bleach,but I was worried it would damage the fabric or cause discolorations. I have it set up outside, it is pouring out today and quite a bit has come off on it's own,but I see I'm going to have to do some scrubbing.
  15. I have a bouncy house for my grandson which for the most part is nothing but an inflatable on steroids. Apparently the last time I rolled it up and stowed it away it must of had some moisture on it. When I pulled it out yesterday to get ready for his 4th birthday party this Saturday it has black molds spots in quite a few places most importantly the area where the kids will be jumping/landing on. Any suggestions what I can use to remove the mold without doing damage to the fabric? Thanks for any help in this matter.
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