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    I started decorating my house about 20 years ago when I was a kid. I have decorated every year and have been buying more lights every year for the past 5 years. I have been looking at the animated lighting ever since the Miller Beer commercial had that house on it, LOL. I am finally buying stuff to start with my own animated display.
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    Car and truck customizing, computers, fishing, woodworking, taking stuff apart, doing stuff for other people to make some money.
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    Static lighting, until 2008.
  1. I got the same email yesterday from a friend of my wifes.
  2. 32 channels with 15,000 lights. I'm in Gastonia, right outside of Charlotte. My house is near the Gastonia Airport. This is my first year and I can't wait until next year...
  3. This is my first year with LOR. My schedule right now is: Sunday - Thursday 6:00pm-10:00pm Then starts back up at 11:30pm-12:30am Friday and Saturday 6:00-11:00 The reason I have my show start back up at 11:30 at night is because I work second shift and don't get off work until midnight. This way, I get to see my hard work in action when I get home from work.... It just wouldn't be right if I didn't get to see the show too.
  4. I think I know what happened. When I was installing the drivers for the USB connector, the CD that came with it had an older version of HU on it, which was installed because thats what the book said to do. I think it was version 1.6.4. After reading, I seen that 1.6.4 was the wrong version for Vista, and on LORs site there is a download for version 1.6.6 of the HU. It says for Vista, so I assumed thats what I needed. After reading other posts, and people talking about version 2.0.16, I thought the LOR sequencing software was version 2.0.16 and the HU software was v. 1.6.6. I started gettin
  5. I have tried the Hardware Utility 1.6.6 and it still does not work. If I run the sequence editor, my lights work. If I use the Simple Show Builder, everything works. I just cannot get the HU to connect to the LOR boards. I am running Windows Vista If anyone knows what the problem is I would appreciate it. The only way I can check my lights, without playing one of my final sequences, is to make a "test" sequence in the editor and play that. It would be nice to be able to use the HU for testing. Thanks
  6. I still have not had a chance to play with the newer version of hardware utility. I work 4 til midnight, so I don't have alot of daylight to work with. My lights work with the sequence editor, just not the hardware utility.
  7. I see. The 300 strands don't seem to be less brighter than the others though.
  8. How is it possible for a strand of 300 mini lights to only pull .6 amps, when a strand of 100 pulls .33 and a strand of 150 pulls .51 amps? The lights are from Home Depot. If anyone knows why this is, please let me know.
  9. No, the "Enable Show" is clickable, and the "Disable Shows" is grayed out.
  10. I am having a similar problem. When I run the sequence editor, the lights work perfect. But if I try to open the hardware utility, I get the error unable to locate LOR port, or something like that. I used the cd that came with my usb-cat5 adapter from LOR, it installed the hardware utility again, version 1.6.4. After reading the compatability with vista, I downloaded HU version 1.6.6. I have not had time to try it out yet, but hopefully the installation cd had the older version of HU that is not compatable with vista. I will try it out asap and post the results. It will probably be tonight
  11. It will be a dedicated circuit. I just wanted to make sure I would be able to do that. After using the Power Utility, I was surprised. I thought the amps would be much higher than they were.
  12. I downloaded the LOR Power Utility to check the amperage draw on my controllers. According to it, I am within the 80% on all 3 sides. Channels 1-8 I have 10 amps, on channels 9-16 I have 3 amps, and on channels 1-8 Unit 2 I have 7 amps. Since unit 1 only has a total of 13 amps on both sides of the board, could I plug BOTH plugs into one outlet on the same breaker? Since each 8 channel side is fused for 15 amps, and both sides total less than 15 amps, a single 15 amp breaker should work (I believe). Instead of using the reccomended 80% of the breaker, a 13 amp draw would be 86.7% of 15 am
  13. If I know some of the lyrics to the song, I will just google a few of the "main" words and the word lyrics. Works pretty good for me.
  14. I'm having a "Putting Up Christmas Lights Party". I invited friends and family over (not too many people) to help put up the lights. That way, I can get my little sisters boyfriend on the roof and I just yell up at him what to do. I'm having a cookout, hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, no alcohol (beer + electricty + heights = bad). I'm going to start the night before with the main parts so I know its done right. Then the party starts on Saturday morning and will probably last all day. It's not a big party, just some people to help me if I need it. On the bottom of the invite I put "BYOCL", s
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