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    Eastern North Carolina, USA
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    Im 16 and live with my family In eastern North Carolina.... I have a cat....I'm a vegetarian..... and I like Christmas.
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    I like to play Piano or read a good book, and I also like watching movies and of course Christmas decorating
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    I am the organist at Church , but its a volunteer type thing.
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    Im 16 and have been diplaying since..... forever lol. I got my first blowmold in 2006 its been a downward spiral. My display I think is at least 10,000 lights. I have a Empire nativity set (with purple & orange joseph) , which sits in a stable my dad built for me from old pine slabs. It's very "authentic" looking lol. I have only 2 inflatables and like 20 something blowmolds. I have a gemmy holiday light show to use as well. I also use crosses in my display. I have a 5' tall wireframe candle that I made myself. and I am working on other things to build here and there. and I guess thats it.
  1. That's really great. My grandma is my closest neighbor and she has a barn full of C-mas stuff she said I could use. So it wont be long and I'll go get all the molds lol. She hasn't put any of it out in a few years anyway so it will be nice for it to get used again.
  2. alvise3

    hey guys

    Hi, everyone it's been a while since I've logged on, not really sure why. I've just been busy I guess. Anyway for a while now I've been getting all christmassy ( is that a word lol ) ,and has this ever happened to anyone else. you look at a photo of someones display or see something on ebay and think oh I want that bad, then later that night while you think about it you remeber you picked one up at a garage sale then get all excited and can't wait to put it up.... too bad it doesn't happen with some nicer rarer molds lol. Anyway just thought I'd say hey everyone. byeeee
  3. That sounds like a good find to me, I'm still looking for a camel at garage sales vs. paying 30.00-40.00 for one off of ebay ... plus shipping
  4. Well I dont nesscesscarily(spelled it wrong prolly) think they're ugly I kind of like how they look neon sort of, but I like traditional things better so.... It really is a matter of opinion I mean I still like to use some c-9s in my display. the only problem I really heve with them is the initial cost I know it's worth it over time but I get a lot of lights from yard sales over the summer then I spend my money on extension cords and ebay and stuff. however I do own a couple led strings I think.......
  5. Thanks for all your help and advice guys. Since I live where the humidity is very high usually I think the rebar might be a bit more rust prone, so I might just use some plastic tomatoe stakes , I think they are metal with plastic coating. So they won't rust. still not sure wether I want to drill a hole in there bottom or not... I'll probably zip tie them to it. I'll test one out in my backyard and see how it does like that... well as always thanks again guys
  6. Hi again.... I was wondering, how do you all keep your toy soldier blowmolds from falling over. I really didn't want to drill them full of holes or anything, but I may may drill a small 1/2" hole in the bottom of each and stake them, the way I do my candles and street lamps. I take a small piece of metal pipe ( about 2' long or so ) hammer it in the ground about halfway, then slide the mold over it. But like I say I'm not sure how to go about it so I'll ask up here. Thanx in advance
  7. Thanks again for all of your advice and comments, I dont feel bad anymore, you guys are great
  8. Well me personally I like the song, but then again it's up to you, if you like it who cares what others think.
  9. Yeah they really do look so much better that way.....
  10. Great finds, love the white hat soldiers.
  11. That looks really great, you did a nice job.
  12. It was actually an entire display for sale from an older gentleman, I wanted more but I got all the blowmolds first. and yes Mickey and Minnie are awesome, but then again I love/collect anything disney and the tpi trumpet angels are so much more beautiful in person, I hope they'll go well with my empire set.
  13. alvise3

    New Haul!

    Wow those are great, I need that pooh lol, you got some good ones, now good luck with storage lol.
  14. Well I haven't actually put any lights up yet, just making sure I was good to go.
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