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  1. Hello LOR Friends, I am having trouble controlling my DMX lights with LOR. I have LOR version 3.10.12 and am using a DMXKING USB to DMX adapter. I have installed the software for the DMX king and able to control the DMX lights through that program, however, cannot get it work work in any of my sequences. I have address the dmx channels appropiately in the sequence. I also address the DMX unit too. When I got to network configurations, I select the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro option, but it does not give me any adapter to select. I believe that once I am able to select an adapter it should work fine
  2. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!
  3. Hello Everyone!! I used to be a extremely active member here awhile back and well, life just got in the way. I would love to reconnect with PC and everyone else that posts on it. Just a little about myself, My name is Joe Petrowski and I live in Guilford, CT and go to school at Emerson College in Boston, Ma for lighting design. I have been doing displays since I was six years old....so now that I am 20 years old....I have been doing them for quite awhile and have a fairly large display. I have about 50,000 lights and 64 channels of LOR control. Evey year I come back home to set up the light
  4. Sometimes I do, I guess it just depends on where I am working. I also like to keep one or two things on because I look the feeling when a car drives be real slow looking to see if the show is on and I just shake my head.
  5. Hey you messaged me a while saying i was quiet! haha I am going to start getting into more now that school is slowing up

  6. Man you are quiet on here haha

  7. I am keeping my display up until Jan. 11th, 2009. I am keeping it up because i started it late and people are actually still coming and I have receiving about $50 per night which is not bad post christmas and new years!
  8. I really enjoyed your lights... I actually watched the whole thing which is something that I rarely do on here because I find some videos just too boring...nice job!
  9. I don't really know oh your set up but what if you changed the design a bit and had it so the it is in a shape of a christmas tree or a triangle? I don't know its just a a thought. Like have 1 angel on the top level then 2 on the next and 3 on the following and so-forth....
  10. That Looks really neat! I love the idea! I was going to work on some stuff but I won't be able to do a halloween display the next 4 years or so...so i kinda just been pushing things aside.....
  11. Oh Ok I didn't see that....but still yeah they are going to be short....
  12. Well there are only 70 lights there....i know (and i a pretty sure most of the people here) deal with 100 light strings...
  13. Mike Thats awesome! I just threw up a small merry christmas sign up for fun. This also gets m excited because i am going to school next year!
  14. NOO! Don't ever use blowmold and trash in the same sentense! (like I just did!) I am sure someone would gladly adopt them! What kinds are they anyways?
  15. We should all maybe pick several dates and/ or places then go from there and then vote? I dont really know....
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