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  1. Well, if LEDs will continue to take over as the new lights, maybe they should make it easier for the consumer. We should be able to change out whatever colors we want. I will certainly look into the Flex Change sets. I completely gave up on my Yukon and threw him away. Bumble has been working perfectly. I won't go into any big project like that again! It's just not worth it. I was just trying to salvage them instead of throwing them out. I guess I could have held onto him until it was figured out. Oh well. I see so many people getting frustrated with regular lights constantly going out. I believe more and more are switching to LEDs for less of a headache. I haven't had any issues with any of my LEDs, except for switching the colors. With that being said, I hope all of you on the board has a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Cheers, John
  2. Well thanks for the input. I decided to return the lights. After working on these all day with no positive outcome, I'm done. It seemed like a great idea anyway!
  3. Thanks for the info Chris. I'm not sure if that's the problem, only because I did another lawn ornament that had only white strings. I replaced about 16 bulbs with blue bulbs on three sets of lights. So, I may have 5 blues on one and more on another, depending on how I hooked them up. They are all working perfectly on that set up. I just found it odd that there are only one or two of these fatter casings per string on the multi-colored and those, specifically are the ones that won't work when they're replaced.
  4. I purchased 8 sets of these LED mini-lights at Target yesterday to rewire my collectible lawn ornaments. I am replacing the different color bulbs with the correct colors for each part of the holographic display. Everything was working out fine until I came across a few, slightly thicker bulb casings. I have to replace these because the colors are completely wrong for the area. The other bulbs seem like they plug in fine, but they don't work. I have also tried to replace just the bulb and place it into the fatter casing and that doesn't work. Finally, I tried just using one of the other, fat bulbs with its larger casing and that didn't even work! Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? The rest of the light string works, but that bulb is just out. I really don't want to have spent all of this time and a good amount of money to have a bunch of bulbs not working. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. I've been doing research online. I've only been able to find black-colored black-out caps for mini lights. Why aren't white caps available for white wire? If I can't find the proper caps, is electrical tape safe to use indoors to block out some LED lights?
  6. Looks great. I love the layered/raised look. Very nice.
  7. My review of the new A Miser Brothers Christmas special that aired last night in the US: I thought the stop motion animation was great to see instead of the typical CGI. Mickey Rooney and George S. Irving, who voiced the original Santa Claus and Heat Miser, returned to reprise their roles, which was a surprise. I did feel there was too much fighting and bickering between the brothers. It never stopped throughout the episode and was very irritating. The original Rankin/Bass shows did not show fighting during their entire episodes. I felt this was clearly a bit "too much", excuse the pun. I would also like to say that the songs weren't half as good as the classic episodes. The original Miser brothers song was brought back for the new one and repeated unnecessarily, I believe three different times. I didn't have my hopes that high for this special because I knew ahead of time that Rankin/Bass were not affiliated with this special at all. However, if these other companies will dare to tread on the classics, they had better do them justice and I feel they did not for this one.
  8. Thank you everyone, for the kind comments! Yes, that is a great suggestion and something I would do, but we have two vehicles parked in the drive all the time. We pulled them out to take the photo. I could have chosen a different angle, as some of the gingerbread guys and the big bulbs are almost hidden.
  9. I believe many of the figures, if not all are still available. I think there is a new company that is making them now. The older company was bought out. If Toys R Us doesn't have them, online stores will. Time and Space Toys will always have those collectibles, but they can be overpriced. That is the big deluxe version of Bumble. I thought it was best to buy that one and use him, as he's better in scale than the smaller Bumble. It looks closer to the show. It wouldn't work with the other Bumble being the same size as all the others. Not that I'm being fussy about it. LOL! BTW, speaking of these shows, a new version of the Miser brothers is going to air tomorrow, on ABC. I'm not sure how good it will be. It's done with the same stop animation, not CGI, but Rankin and Bass are NOT a part of this show. They don't endorse it and have nothing to do with it, which makes me worried. Snow Miser's face looks a little different. We'll just have to wait and see. I may post a little review in this thread after I see it.
  10. Thank you so much for the great comments. Happy Holidays!
  11. The only LEDs we have are the icicles. The look cooler colored than the regular lights and seems to give a nice contrast with all of the lights together. Though I may change to all LEDs soon. It's been tiresome changing bulbs frequently.
  12. WOW, amazing. Great job! LEDs seem to be more popular than ever. People are tired of changing bulbs frequently on the regular lights. I know I am.
  13. Hello everyone, just wanted to post our Rankin/Bass display, which includes Rudolph and the Misfit Toys, Santa Claus is Coming To Town and Year Without A Santa Claus. We had bobbleheads made and eventually added them to the display. Takes a while to set up, but it's great to look at all of the time. Cheers!
  14. I'm using multi-colored LEDs on the tree. Wow, I didn't realizethere weredifferent color temperatures. Apparently, the strings I'm using are very cool and not warm.It had loads of blue lights, so I replaced many of the blue lights with other colors to try and warm it up a bit. It helped some. :?
  15. Yes, that's what Chuck mentioned. He said traditional lights run on AC and the LED lights run on DC power. The old ornaments and even the newer items can not be used with LED strings. I just purchased a Hallmark Tree Topper only to find out I can't use it with the LED strings. The topper needs to be plugged into the light string instead of plugged into an outlet. Who's "bright" idea was that? :]Now, I have an angel that plugs into an outlet. I have Hallmark and Kinkade ornaments that can only be plugged into traditional strings. Chuck also mentioned you can purchase blackout caps for the sockets, if you would like to remove the bulbs and keep only the ornaments plugged intoa singletraditionalstring. The LED lights will be on their own. I'm just testing the LEDs this year. I'm not crazy about the color being too cool and not warm, so I'm either going to try a different LED brand or replace someof the blue bulbs with other colors to try and get that warm look. *sigh*
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