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  1. I have a large parking lot across from my display where cars can park and watch the display. Twice over the years I have had to run off pan handlers going from car to car asking for money to help pay for the display or electric bill. I always try to monitor the security cameras for anyone roaming around the lot.
  2. Did someone say 2 Weeks? Looking forward to the mini
  3. It's that time of year again. I still have the list of Oklahoma Christmas light displays on the links page of my website (mestalights.com) . If you have any changes, or aren't listed there send a PM and I'll get it updated. Don
  4. Hi all............. Haven't been on here in a while but I plan on being there Saturday. Don
  5. All done and started the show tonight. Just going to work on a couple of more songs for this year.
  6. It's that time of year, if your display is listed on http://mestalights.com/links.html please send me any information that needs to be updated and I will get your listing current. If you are new this year or aren't listed and would like to be, PM your address, your name, display name, website, a brief description, hours or any other information to mestalights
  7. We are a quiet bunch here aren't we. Have got the controlers all mounted and most of the cords run. Working on the house lights first then comes the yard. 14 days to go! Keith, tell us about your megatree......
  8. I always cut them off unless they are on a string with an odd amperage lamp.
  9. I plan to be there but will have to leave around 4:30.
  10. Nope! Nothing there before January 18 2011. I am not happy with this so called "UPGRADE"
  11. I only have 11 PM's from 2008! This was a feature that I used often to access information and members. All posts before Feb. 2010 are also gone. Another feature I used frequently! If all of the information that we had stored prior to 2010 isn't important why not just throw out everything and start over!
  12. ChrisL1976 came up with this one http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/39539-Spiral-Tree-Calculating-Spreadsheet
  13. Here is one of the videos of the ones I did. I just layered the blue spiral over my mega trees. There are a few more videos on youtube.
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