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  1. Whitey, that is what it is all about. People helping people. From south Texas thank you.
  2. Lightkeeper Pro is great and now 50% off at Lowes in Houston, Texas.
  3. Here in Lake Jackson, Texas the signs say 25% off but the registers show 50% off. No LED lights left, just clear minis. And not many left now.
  4. Awesome. Wished I lived closer so I could take the family to see it.
  5. How about making them purchase and setup a 50,000+ light display at a church or other city location. No help from parents or other adults. Also they pay for and maintain the daily operation, (like electrcity bill, etc.).
  6. ki4bbl wrote: How much did you pay for 16?
  7. Ditto. My son and I were just talking a bout this issue. Next year when I go LOR I will resolve that problem.
  8. auburnwar


    When is the sale? Tomorrow? Black Friday?
  9. auburnwar


    Your Sears store has Christmas Lights? I will have to check tomorrow at ours but nothing two weeks ago.
  10. My neighbor and I are the only people who do Christmas Lights on our street and this is my first year to do animation. My neighbor and I talked about my show and he wants to combine his lights to mine andhave a two house show. The main issue is he lives across the street, (not next door), and we both are on the corner of the street. Is anyone else doing something like this? I am a newbee and there isa lot out there I am not aware of. Oh, this is for next year's show.
  11. You never heard of the TV series "Kung Fu" with David Carradine. From the early 1970's.
  12. Sure would be nice if LEDs went on sale this early.
  13. Went to our HD and could not find any rope lights in their Christmas area. Am I looking in the right place or are the rope lights in a different section? Of course in our HD help is hard to find.
  14. I used 2 strings of whiteled 70 ct on a Hobby Lobby small floral eazel and it looks good. Also used 3 strings of blue led 60 ct on the Hobby Lobby large floral eazel and next year I might build the large trees with four strings of 60 ct led lights.
  15. paul sessel wrote: Thanks.. FOund the zip cord (1000'), but having trouble finding the connectors. Any special name to search by?
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