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    love computer controlled lights.........
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    336 LOR channels of computer control, 65000 lights
  1. I have no traditional songs in my line up, and very few "Christmasy" songs. A couple of seasons ago, all my new songs were western movie sound tracks, fun to sequence and powerfull music too. I did get a comment last year about a couple songs, " I dont know why those songs were in there", and my reply was, " because they sequence well" I like alot of anamation and movement, but not just random blinky, blinky. I have done some slow songs, but I use those in the mix later in the season when the crouds start to become a problem, they seem to help move the traffic. In the end, I do what I like and
  2. Very nice! Your show was one of my inspirations years ago to get into this hobby, thanks.........
  3. JHolmes.......thank you but, I'm still "old school"....all incandescent minis. Plans are to retire all my stuff after this season and move to RGB next year....Mike
  4. here's mine............................ http://vimeo.com/17536681 and I still like the song....................Mike
  5. Congrats! Best "Mr Christmas" display I've seen. You deserve the "fans" your getting............
  6. I say put Sandstorm in your show. Put Wizards in too! Im sick of both of those songs, but they are the most popular in my show both on youtube and in front of my house. I do songs I like. Heck, this year I did all western soundtrack songs, which has nothing to do with Christmas. Of my 22 songs, only one is a Christmas song. I sequence music I like. If viewers dont like it, fine, but it makes me happy...............Mike
  7. Whats your budget? heres a link to my show http://www.youtube.com/user/Sparkylights
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