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  1. I will be ordering 144 strands of blue and 44 strands of multi maybe the m5 or 6 70 count dont know if going with paul of mgic in the sky depends on price. are you going to the plus in gatlinburg right in our backyard
  2. I have live streaming video of 1/2my display the camrea needs a wider lens to get it all. It is on www.ustream.tv under lowinhz or christmas show 2010 hope you can check it out.
  3. http://www.wbir.com/dontmiss/106857/207/Upload-your-holiday-light-display-to-our-interactive-map?odyssey=mod|dnmiss|umbrella&appSession=243189237193562&RecordID=46&PageID=3&PrevPageID=2&cpipage=1&CPIsortType=&CPIorderBy=& Link on wbir page
  4. I am up and running smooth. Since Thanksgiving night the show has ben up with cars already stopping to watch the show. this year looks like it's going to be a good year. I got a snowflake that is 12 ft and raises 16 ft in the air with 16 channels on it pics to come soon. Not as big as last year as far as light count, i got wore out quicker this year since sick( cold) but same number of channels and same songs as last plus the snowflake. I am going to try and stream next week when my new camera gets here. It will be live on ustream under dumplinValleyLights. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and now merry christmas.
  5. Time is from 3 to 8 today
  6. hey red glad to have you on board lots of info here and if you need any help just call me or pm any of these fine fellows
  7. 11/8/10 is the date 21st ANNUAL WINTERFEST KICKOFF Experience the magic of illuminating a whole town with the splendor of thousands of twinkling lights at Sevierville's annual Winterfest Kick-Off in Downtown Sevierville. Enjoy free food, entertainment and fireworks at this fun-filled family event. For more information, call 1-888-738-4378
  8. I would recomend the minis for the fact that when you wrap your pipe they cover more area. I would also recomend that you take sections of pipe and slide over a smaller pipe that way you can replace a section if it ever goes out. For ex your covering 12 inches of 1 inch pipe with a strand hen cut 12 peices that 12 inches and wrap each one then slide them all over a stiff 3/4 inch pipe and plug in this way it is easy to wrap a 12" pipe verse a 12 foot pipe and allows for replacement if need be and eazy storage too
  9. Well sevier co is putting their lights up. I am working on a mega flake that is about 15 ft tall with 16 channels. I got a really late start this year since i thought i was going to be out of town for christmas and not doing a display but we are staying so up it goes. Going to reuse all my songs from last year and just add the mega flake to it. I am worried that i am not going to have enough time to do everything that is alway my fear since it is just me putting it up. I am game for some coffee in pigeon forge anytime someone wants to go.
  10. $40 bucks plus shipping for anybody limited time during off season
  11. I would say you are welcome if you are that close.
  12. Put my name down Roger and put me in for $40 for the room.
  13. lowinhz

    Tennessee Mini

    Let me know something Roger I work all of Sevier County and am there every weekday.And the kids can swim in the indoor pool and the adults can stay in the hot tub all night.
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