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  1. Hey Rob, Glad your going good there in Buckeye land, My sister-in-law email me this morning about your video on "http://nbc4i.com/" I had to laugh at her and told her that I meet wend you only had four houses :-)
  2. we run 5:30 to 9:00 Sun-Thur, 5:30 to 10:00 F-S and runny ZaraRadio during the off times the outside Speaker are on 5:20 to 8:30 pm[url="http://www.idjnow.com/StoreModules/ProductDetails.aspx/PID=CONTROL25AVWH--BranchID=--DepartmentID=SPEAKERS--SubDeptID=Installation%20Series--CategoryID=--DeID=0--SRCH="]
  3. Ditto with Tim. WOW! thesis are Fantastic coro pieces!!!
  4. VERY cool!!! Hum Escondido, California I am only 10 miles and have seen this One-Horse Open Sleigh V-8 Model T-Bucket Hotrod Anywhere around town Hum did to look this up :-)
  5. Well at least you wait tell January 1st to toss the Christmas tree in the alley. that One my pet peeve living in California , most people hear take everything down on Dec 26 I start taking my display starts coming down around January 1st, but try to leaves some up for January winter night light display.
  6. I found looking like the last sort for this DMX interface. this may be good for some looking have a DMX interface for there fog & snow Machine! DMX interface / Works on all CHAUVET's non-DMX foggers & snow Machine http://www.ebdj.com/xcart/Chauvet-DMX-3F-DMX-Fog-Machine-Adapter.html
  7. I many use the desktop for the show and laptop for testing, setups, remote desktop and on :-) the mp3 director is use for landscaping lighting for rest of the year. new this year I got an eMachines 2.8Ghz w/win7 I was going to get a newer XP computer but for the cost it workout that the eMachines i got more for my money..
  8. Must have tool is a LED Tester As this will save lots of time on making sure they working the right way :-0 :-) http://www.allspectrum.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=557
  9. Let it Snow Let it Snow, now this will be Great if it snow
  10. But if there is some wagering going on the House gets 50%
  11. Let see as there will be lot's of RF going on :cool: just wait tell the LED Flood show off start. who will be the best LED Flood 2010:rolleyes:
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