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  1. Thank you for the kind words! I found all of the images for my characters online. I usually do a search for a certain character and I'll add "coloring page" to the character's name... for example "Moana coloring page". I like using coloring pages because the lines are very clearly drawn (for coloring purposes). Once I've found all my characters for a scene, I'll either print them onto transparencies to use with my overhead projector, or I'll just use my daughter's projector and project the image onto the Coroplast the size I want it to be. After that, it's a simple matter of tracing the image.
  2. This year I've added Moana (Disney) to my display. I've FINALLY gotten enough characters that I can start rotating vignettes in and out each year. Of course, two of the scenes I left out this year were the two scenes that people asked why they weren't up. Oh well... can't please everybody I guess. Here are some pictures of Moana and the other scenes I've put up this year. To give you an idea of scale... the top of Maui's hook is almost 8 feet tall.
  3. HAHAHAHA... it'd take us 10 years of accumulating snow to get that much around here Donna. It sure looks beautiful... but I'm glad I'm not having to deal with it!
  4. That is a VERY fun looking display. I'm sure you have lots of people stopping to enjoy. Nicely done!
  5. Your snowmen look really nice! Great job!
  6. This year's addition to my display is Monster's Inc. To give you a little idea of the dimension... the door is 8' tall. My 15 year old daughter painted Mike. The red light, at the top of the door, flashes on and off... as seen in the main picture (off) and the close-up (on).
  7. I'm sure the kids really enjoy seeing your display! How fun would that be to see...Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi Eric... and welcome to PlanetChristmas! I don't use plywood for my cutouts, but I used to use Masonite (hardboard) years and years ago. I've switched over to using Coroplast instead. With that said, what I used to use in sealing the Masonite was a good latex exterior paint. Normally, I would buy a white, exterior, latex paint and give the board a minimum of 2 coats. You have to be VERY thorough with the edges... since that is where most of your moisture would be soaked into the board. When buying paint that you'll be using for your characters, I would suggest getting a fairly good quality exterior latex paint that is FLAT. The reason I suggest using a FLAT latex paint is that if you get a paint that has a sheen to it you will get nothing but a bunch of reflections from your flood lights when you turn them on. Trust me on this... I made that rookie mistake my very first display about 30 years ago. I had to purchase all new paint and repaint Santa. Fortunately, I had only done the one character. As far as mixing paints. What I do is purchase black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown and green. From those colors you can mix any shades of those that you like. I know... you can mix any color from the three primary colors... but I buy the others and use them as a basis for mixing different shades of those colors. I also save my small plastic peanut butter jars for mixing new colors. You can also buy empty paint cans and lids at your hardware stores if you'd rather stick to using paint cans. And finally... make sure you post pictures when you get finished! Hope this helps!
  9. That would be one REALLY fun house to drive by. Nice job Shane!
  10. Well, you owe her a bit thanks because she did a nice job!
  11. Nice job on the Grinch jabber6! I'm sure the neighbors will be amused!
  12. Your finished product looks REALLY nice! I have no doubt that there will be lots of entertained families when they drive by your place.
  13. Hey Christmas_Nut... those look really nice! And to be able to get double use out of them is even better... Nicely played!!!
  14. Hey radiomarsh - Just watched the video of your display and absolutely LOVE the snow globe as well as the mega tree! So very nicely done! John
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