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  1. havent been here in a while, but I am looking for pastel colored c7 bulbs (NOT LED) esp. light pink and lavendar for easter I ordered from christmaslightsetc.com last year but their pink is a hot pink (almost red) and the purple is too dark. Thanks, Chris
  2. Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells by MIchael W. Smith http://store.lightorama.com/sequences.html the part your describing is about 20 seconds into the song.
  3. I didnt read every post here, but i think the most horrible christmas song is the Christmas shoes song. It is the only song that i actually will run over to the stereo and switch the station when i hear the first 2 notes. Who wants to hear somone sing about a kid who's mother is going to die tonight, and wants to buy her new shoes to meet jesus????
  4. i would love to have that sequence! please send it to me! my favorite new song the ast 2 years has been i heard the bells, by Mercy Me Thanks, Chris
  5. My dad loves mitch miller, could i share your sequences for this? I have the mitch miller cd if anyone wants some mp3's sent... Chris
  6. does anyone have winter wonderland by dean martin sequence to share?
  7. thanks, thats what i assumed i would have to do, i just wish i didnt have to create a file for each non animated song. This is for an indoor display in a store and the animation sequences are just going to be random "singing snowflakes" interspersed with the regular display. My christmas music is going to be playing from 11am to 11pm and i would like the animated musical sequences to come on only every 10 - 15 minutes, this will be every day from next week until mid january! so i need alot of music variation to keep us from getting sick of the same songs everyday. Im wishing for a player like itunes that can randomly play both mp3 files and lor sequences as well. Chris
  8. Hello everyone, I recieved my lor unit last week and have it all hooked up, no problems yet. I even started sequencing, and its going pretty well! its so exciting! I honestly havent gotten into the scheduler yet, i just opened it and looked around quickly, it seems pretty straight forward, but i have a question. I want to be able to play my regular christmas music and then every 10-15 minutes have my lor animation musical sequence play. Is this possible? In other words, i have over 1,000 christmas songs that i usually keep playing randomly in i-tunes. I would still like to be able to have a 1,000 song playlist of non-animated music, but every so often an animated sequence would play. Do any of you know the best way i can do this? if possible? thanks, Chris
  9. You have used lasers to light christmas trees? i just never saw anything like this before. I was wondering if any of you knew how it worked. How can you get the lasers points of light just to hit the tree branches and not something behind it. I wouldnt mind spending the $500 for something so cool. I also have 2 oak trees that i would be able to use this on to illuminate the upper branches.
  10. but then they will come back two years later as "retro" style christmas lights.
  11. hey all, i havent been here in about a year and i just saw this in the hammacher schlemmer catalog today and thought i would run it by all of you to see if anyone knows anything about this device: The Instant Outdoor Tree Lights http://www.hammacher.com/publish/75794.asp?promo=QSearch&ls=EP Chris
  12. you shouldnt tape your plugs. that actually holds moisture in. If you look at a set of lights there are holes allover the place where water can get in, every single mini light socket has a big opening at the bottom where the wires go in! its better to let the moisture run through than to trap it in with tape. Chris
  13. Iremember the year we switched to the stay-lit lights. Kids would always pull bulbs out of the white pine roping on our picket fence. When i took that down that season, there were over 20 bulbs missing but the lights were still working. That must of confused those kids. I always use staylits now in places thatare in reach of people.
  14. I was at target today, in the lights section of course, and another customer there was talking to an associate, it seems that someone hadswitched a bunch of regular mini light sets into LED light set boxes. Pretty smart,--- they were able to buy led lights at mini light prices. So make sure you open your boxes before you buy them! ( i know we all do anyway but sometimes we are in a rush and dont) Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Decorating Weekend!!! Chris p.s. I do not endorse such actions as mentioned above....................although when i was young, my father would take me to the store to buy replacement C9s. They didnt make solid colr replacement packs back then so we would take all the red and green bulbs out of the multi colored boxes and make our own.
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