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    kokomo, Indiana, USA
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    Over the past few years i have been adding and adding. I have several blowmolds, flat wire frames, inflatables, Commercial items, and a 15 foot waving snowman.
  1. fdr


    here are a few pictures of whats available, if u are interested let me know. selling from $5-$25. if u are in the Kokomo area, let me know would love to place these guys in a new home. Thanks
  2. fdr


    i have several blowmolds i would like to place in a new home or even trade. if interested let me know, if you can come to Kokomo,In today that would be great thanks
  3. fdr


    i have several blowmolds i would like to place in a new home ASAP. if you are interested, let me know, if you want to come to Kokomo,IN today, that would even be better. Thanks
  4. i have foam Gingerbread pieces, Pick-up only(Kokomo,Indiana),asking $40 or best Offer. Plan to put in a yard Sale Friday.Thanks Was not sure where a good place for this Thread.
  5. fdr

    Foam Gingerbread

    Selling Set of Foam Gingerbread,pick-up only(Kokomo,Indiana), plan to place in a yard sale Friday. Asking $40 or best Offer. Thanks
  6. fdr

    Who Made this one?

    Thanks to everyone for their replys. i appreciate it.
  7. Hello, Found This one today. He has no markings on him. Noticed there was a sticker on him at one time. Anyone know who made him? Thanks
  8. Wanting to sell these together or seperate. Made to be mounted on a telephone pole or other. Please place an Offer. Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas!!
  9. There are several other frames, l only put some pictures on here, if interested in others let me know,Thanks
  10. Hello, Looking for people close to Kokomo, Indiana who would like to buy Christmas Decorations. If that is you please let me know. There are Christmas Decorations for sale. Some blowmolds, Inflatables, wire frames, commercial items, and wire frames that need lights added or replaced. There are several wire frame (or plastic) items. Some have no box, others have original boxes from Mr. Christmas, walmart, meijer, big lots, and other places. Some of the molds(mainly santas, some snowmen) are faded or in need of a paint job and some need a light fixture. Some inflatables are in the original box, others no box.(Santa, Reindeer, Cub, Tree, bear) The commercial items (santa,snowman,french horn,candle)are for a telephone pole, i used them right in my yard as is. Thanks for your interest, i will make deals....
  11. a question about this site: in the past i was able to see who lived in what state. By clicked on something it would compile everyone from that state. Does Planet Christmas still do that and how ? thanks, FDR
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