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  1. Greetings, Our 2020 pre sale is live! It's a great time to buy lights at a great price. We also have a huge selection of lights ready to ship at pre sale prices! https://www.holiday-light-express.com/
  2. The thing to watch out for is surging. You're going to want to run your controllers at 80% output, if not, what can happen is that you surge the bulbs in some cases when turn them on and off quickly. When we see systems with large failures, 9/10 times, having them change to 80% output fixes the issue. Also, LED's are going to be max brightness at 80% anyway, so you don't lose any output to your eyes.
  3. We have some of the old style C7 and C9 bulbs (non-SMD) on clearance. https://www.environmentalled.com/Clearance--c29/
  4. Today is the last day for the sale!
  5. Just a couple weeks left to save! Sale ends Feb 28th!
  6. Are you worried about snow covering the lights? If you angle them you should be fine, but, if it's deep snow that might be a different story. But as far as snow hurting the lights, you should be fine. The floods we sell work fine in the rain and snow. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/RGBlights.php
  7. Yes, but in full case quantities only, with the understanding that there are no warranty strands if something goes wrong. You would be better off using 50 count strands instead.
  8. Depends a little on the string, but generally 25-35% off regular price. For example, 100 count Red M5 is on sale for $12.95 and regular price is $17.99, so that one is about 28% off.
  9. The opaque bulbs (we call them ceramic style) would be your best bet if you don't light the harshness of LED's. The opaque bulbs lens absorbs the light instead of reflecting it, as shown above. We have our pre sale going on now which has some pretty good pricing on C7 bulbs. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/C7_SMD_Ceramic_Bulbs.php
  10. I dont stock them. But I can get them, you would just have to order in full case qualities. And I'd need to know ASAP. They are the same manufacturer than all our other bulbs, so the quality is real good. I'd say they look close to incandescent. Keep in mind, LED will never look the same, as it is a totally different light source.
  11. Greetings, We have kicked off our pre sale for 2019! Just as in years past, orders over $1000 ship for free and orders paid in full get a 2% discount. The sale can be found here: https://www.holiday-light-express.com/ We also have items that are in stock and can ship immediately. That list is here: https://www.holiday-light-express.com/in_stock_lights.php
  12. Any chance you could get the smooth transparent SMD C7 and C9 bulbs in?

  13. You might want to check thee out. Similar to your GE lights, but you can actually sync them together. Have both 5mm and C7 in stock. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/RGBMinipixels.php
  14. Just some more info on our lights. The new ones this year use a surface mounted diode (SMD). This is more efficient, brighter more more durable than the old 5 LED design. They are also dimmable so they can be used with LOR and such. The C9 strands look so bad that we don't even stock them. They basically but a single 5mm led (same as our 5mm strands) with a C9 cover. It's just a big lens for a single 5mm LED. Also for those who don't know, we do have a big sale starting in mid December, so if you are saving up for retro fits, that would be a good time to buy!
  15. The best way is to go with retro fit bulbs. Much brighter and more durrable than strand lights. Then if a bulb goes bad, you can just replace the one bulb. You can also custom cut the strands so they fit your house perfectly. We do sell some C7 strands: https://www.holiday-light-express.com/C7_strands.php But if your budget can afford it, I'd recommend going with retro fits.
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