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    I like plastic. Mostly blowmolds, but plastic. Maybe it was that darned polymer chemistry class I took back in undergrad....

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  1. Seek and ye shall find: I did this last month: http://i325.photobucket.com/albums/k376/soutly/TargetPumpkintotem_zps5d73b651.jpg I had been thinking about doing this since last year, but I only had one big pail. This year I bought five more. I wanted to go six high, but it was too unstable. Here's a night shot: http://i325.photobucket.com/albums/k376/soutly/Targetpumpkintotemnight_zpsf6ce6221.jpg My wife had the idea of having candy spilling out of the top, so I used some old Tootsie Roll Pop mini light covers. It's under cover so doesn't need drainage. The pails are held together with wire strung through carefully drilled pairs of holes. There are two bricks in the bottom pail for stability, with a suitable door cut to remove and place them. A 1and 1/8" hole was drilled in the center back of each pail, and a skinny candelabra base 25W bulb used for illumination. I'm happy with the results. The uneven look of the pails is semi-intentional; I was trying to imitate an old pumpkin stack inflatible I had until the deer damaged it beyond repair. Sorry I couldn't get pictures to post; I hope the links are sufficient.
  2. I'm going to assume they aren't made of foam and that they are really blow molds. The light bulbs are C7, not C4. I agree with Elaine that you will have an easier time finding them closer to the Fall. If you are in a big hurry, eBay frequently has them for sale, usually in the $3-4 each range. At a similar price, Menards carries something suitable year round in their electrical section. Patience will pay off with lower prices near Christmas.
  3. I find it most likely to be made from foam.
  4. Borse plastics? That would be my first from that manufacturer, and it's one I hadn't heard of before either. OK, check one off on my quest to find one of every snowman made. Thanks, Mel! As for the rest of them, yes they could be for resale but based on the condition of the large Empire and Union snowmen they also picked up I'm guessing they were for the buyers' own collection. There were large holes cut out of the backs of the large snowmen and some of the little Borse guys were hiding inside. They didn't seem to me to be in resale condition. We shall see. I'll be watching the Chicagoland craigslist, too.
  5. I went to an estate sale last weekend and saw a whole bunch of these snowmen: Eight of them were with some other common molds and were already sold but I had help finding this one who wasn't claimed yet. I've never seen it before and it has no markings. Having a whole row of them woulda been nice, but I am very grateful to have just the one for my snowman collection.
  6. I google-searched "empier" and "drangie" and couldn't find them. Are they foreign words?
  7. Really a good point. When we built our house a dozen years ago I made darn sure there were outlets throughout the front yard, including one across the driveway. Of course we blew it when we forgot to put an outlet in the foyer where we planned to put our tree....
  8. That's the standard answer from them, if they answer at all.
  9. As a spelling Nazi, I don't know where to begin on this thread. I give up!
  10. I like the new pieces, especially the snow man. I'm surprised to see the train with a black paint scheme, which is the MOST realistic color for a steam locomotive; I may have to buy one just for that. Cool!
  11. The second one looks like an organist. Is the "altar" included supposed to be an organ?
  12. Thanks. I've seen that thing before but I couldn't place it.
  13. So, so sad! I wonder if they have any old inventory to get rid of.
  14. Looking good, Richard! What can you tell us about that whimsical tree between the stuffed Snoopy and Charlie Brown? I know it's not a blow mold, but it clearly IS plastic!
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