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    , , Duluth MN
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    I am 69 years old born 9 11 40 a birthday I'll not forget! 30 plus years as a machinist working for the DM&IR Railroad.
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    Christmas decorating,Gardening,Rose growing,Firewood cutting
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    2nd year doing computerized lighting,48,000 lights. Buildings trimmed,gardens ablaze with lights.
  1. Very interesting, what kind of lights are you using?
  2. bentlyville display in duluth mn has one that is 120' tall with 50'000 net lights on it.
  3. I really like the looks of the spiral tree but I don't have an idea how it's made. Can someone explain?
  4. Where is everyone buying bulk spt 2 wire?
  5. I've made 9 arches with 6 channels of lights each. I've sequenced them to i/20 of a second but they don't look right at night. They look segmented and not flowing together in a continous motion. Also one channel seems to have a mind of it's own! Any ideas out there?
  6. I'm looking for a picture or pattern of a flying angel blowing a trumpet, has any one seen this?
  7. We started two weeks ago also. It's soooo nice to start before the fingers get stiff. 1200' of icicle lights on the fence, 3' star on house roof, train all set to go, gees it's fun to watch it run around the track! Made a new car for it (gondola), there seem to be a lot of critters that want to ride in it,(tickle me Elmo and a few others). Much more enthusiasum this year,last year I was just dreading it.
  8. Sorry, but they are all spoken for as of this morning. Thanks for all the replies. Your friend in Christ Jerry
  9. I have 12 blow mold figures I want to get rid of. They are 1- 3' Santa, 1- 3' Mary, 1- 3' Joseph, 1-2' Mary, 1-2' Joseph, 2- kneeling magi 2', 1 standing 3' magi, a girl &boy choir figure 2', a lamb laying down, and a 4' North Pole. All are capable of being lighted, some are missing the light sockets. they are FREE, if interested send me a e-mail otherwise they are going to the landfill.
  10. By twin ports is meant Duluth Superior. What type of a display do you have?

  11. Hi Gerald; I'm in Rhinelander. I'm not sure where the twin ports are located, but we are an hour north of Wausau or 3 hours north of Madison. Gregg

  12. What kind of a display do you have? Are you located in town or out in the country? We are 10 miles out of town 4.5 miles above the shore,close to the French river.

  13. Where abouts in Wisconsin are you,any where near the twin ports?

  14. Ah the most beautiful part of the state! What do you do for a living, or are you retired?

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